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Proposal: Interlunar Express

Passes 6-0 with quorum FOR. -Bucky

Adminned at 06 Dec 2014 19:03:54 UTC

If the proposal “Breadcrumbs” failed, this proposal does nothing.  Otherwise:
Add a new subrule to the rule “Orbit Contents”  Call it “Magnetic Boosters” and give it the following text:

A Magnetic Booster is a type of Satellite.  It has two attributes: Cost, which is a non-negative number, and Destination, which is an Orbit.  A Shuttle in the same orbit as a Magnetic Booster may spend Fuel equal to its Cost to change their Orbit to the Booster’s Destination.  They may not Maneuver for the next 24 hours after doing so.

Add a Magnetic Booster with Cost 1 and Destination I5 to G18.
Add a Magnetic Booster with Cost 1 and Destination E10 to G19.
Add a Magnetic Booster with Cost 1 and Destination I5 to E8.
Add a Magnetic Booster with Cost 3 and Destination G20 to E9.
Add a Magnetic Booster with Cost 2 and Destination E10 to I4.

Of course, boosting against Jupiter’s gravity costs extra fuel.



04-12-2014 01:30:30 UTC

I do appreciate the flavor, but since Ganymede is the least attractive moon to be around (ie, it is hardest to get from place to place there: if you miss your space elevator, you have to go much farther to get to it again), I’m not sure it’s balanced to make leaving Ganymede cheap.

I’d prefer rules that free us of the dice’s tyrannical grip rather than making us further reliant on them, but that’s just a personal opinion.


04-12-2014 02:19:22 UTC

Want different Booster costs?  Propose them yourself.


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05-12-2014 09:05:03 UTC

for I like the idea of warpgates, though as Sylph pointed out it may need some rebalancing.
What jumps to mind is EVE online’s warping system, where certain ships can actually utilize lower-powered warp drives. Kind of interesting mechanic *winks at anyone less lazy than me*

Kevan: he/him

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05-12-2014 16:54:49 UTC

From a mechanics standpoint, Ganymede is cheapest to leave because it’s the starting moon.  The starting moon is also the largest because it’s the most populated by default.


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Sorry. I was logged-in as my brother.


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