Saturday, May 13, 2017

Call for Judgment: Invalid match

Time failed 1-3. Failed by card.

Adminned at 15 May 2017 19:04:49 UTC

The following Match: is invalid.

Apply all appropriate effects and corrections.

Just in case

And you can just redo the match later, shrug



13-05-2017 19:35:36 UTC

I plan to redo the match but want to make sure I’m accounting for everything per the comments section of the invalid match post prior to trying again.


13-05-2017 20:14:08 UTC

I feel like we went a little overboard with these power calculation rules.


15-05-2017 04:15:10 UTC

[sphinx] I think it was fine given the amount of time we had to make them.


15-05-2017 05:56:03 UTC



15-05-2017 10:48:12 UTC

Accounting for everything I get Matt 87, card 60.37, which I think is what we were converging to in the game thread. Given that card still won despite the disadvantage and is against, I’m against .


15-05-2017 13:33:12 UTC

against Echoing pokes, if I had won, the match should be redone. The comments on that game could be insightful for anyone trying to calculate all the caveats in future matches.