Saturday, November 29, 2008

Proposal: Invasion of the Plot


Adminned at 29 Nov 2008 19:14:47 UTC

Create a new subsection of the November 29 section of the plot summary page titled 11:42 AM, with the following text:

Rodlen stood facing the entire local DDA or DDF group.  “Fellow DDA or DDF members, I have two things to say.  The first is that High Command should really stop fooling around with our name.  The second is that we have done well at protecting Jason Smith, but that is not enough! We must counterattack Shade!  For dimensional stability!!!”

“For dimensional stability!” the crowd shouted.

Create a new subsection of the November 29 section of the plot summary page titled 12:35 PM, with the following text:

The alley.  A simple place.  A man places a package into a hollow nook in one of the walls.

Give Rodlen 2 PP.

If 3 or more valid votes include the text “For Dimensional Stability!” Rodlen gains 1 relationship.

1 PP for each plot seed.



29-11-2008 20:45:33 UTC

for Author for.  For Dimensional Stability!


29-11-2008 22:23:18 UTC

against This does not need to be a proposal.  Just add it as a plot seed.


29-11-2008 22:32:25 UTC

Already used my three.


30-11-2008 00:04:33 UTC

against  due to the +2 plot points bit.

arthexis: he/him

30-11-2008 00:12:11 UTC



30-11-2008 00:52:56 UTC

Why the +2 plot points bit?

It would be for the 2 plot seeds.

Hello Sailor:

30-11-2008 02:11:46 UTC



30-11-2008 03:10:28 UTC

If the date is essential, post them next week and ask me to change the dates.  If not, just wait until next week.


30-11-2008 03:13:51 UTC

veto I added this to the plot page and gave you 1 PP, so this is not needed.