Monday, October 12, 2009

Proposal: Investing in the Ruleset

Passes 5-4; +10 points to arth—arth
I got my vote in before Arth adminned it, so this actually fails 5-5.  Sorry, Arthexis.  (Arth loses 10+2 points, though he seems not to have added the 10 yet.)—Excalabur

Adminned at 13 Oct 2009 23:41:43 UTC

Create a new rule “Investments [2 Points]”:

As a daily action, a Player may Invest in a Proposal by making a comment of “Investing” on any of their comments on that Proposal, but at most once per Proposal. If a Player does so, that Player is considered an Investor for that Proposal. A Player cannot Invest on the Proposals he or she authored.

Whenever a Proposal passes, if there are four or less Investors for that Proposal, each Investor is awarded 5 Points.

If Proposal “This proposal has been brought to you by arthexis” passed, add the following line to rule “Investments”:

A Player cannot Invest on a Proposal he or she is Sponsoring.

I had more complicated ideas for this mechanic, but in the end decided to go for something simple, and then build up from that foundation. Basically, we need rules that allow us to generate points from other’s proposals, not just our own.


Ienpw III:

10-12-2009 06:54:02 UTC



10-12-2009 07:22:21 UTC



10-12-2009 09:03:45 UTC



10-12-2009 09:58:59 UTC



10-12-2009 16:10:31 UTC

against because it accidentally introduces a significant Admin advantage.


10-12-2009 16:38:39 UTC

against Ah, good point; an admin could change to voting FOR just before adminning.

Ienpw III:

10-12-2009 17:13:52 UTC



10-12-2009 20:36:31 UTC

“...making a comment of ‘Investing’ on any of their comments on that Proposal…”

You use the word “comment” in two different ways in the same sentence.  Bad legal drafting.
Also,  against


10-13-2009 00:17:36 UTC



10-13-2009 00:27:05 UTC

@bucky and ais:

First, it is a daily action. Second, vote FOR or AGAINST has nothing to do with this action! If you ready it carefully, none of the investors have to vote on the proposal.


I use the word comment because it is a correct word to use. I didn’t knew grammar was bad legal drafting.

Ienpw III:

10-13-2009 01:48:28 UTC

I seem to not be thinking very deeply about things lately
CoV again for per arth.
Passing 5-4 now.


10-13-2009 13:43:38 UTC

@arth: it would still give the adminning admin the chance to Invest in a proposal immediately before it passed, for a trivial gain of 3 points.


10-13-2009 19:24:43 UTC

@ais: Only if the proposal didn’t have 4 investors already (not so likely)


10-14-2009 03:56:42 UTC

@admin advantage: It is sufficiently likely that it will probably occur at least once per day. 

Meanwhile, it’s yet another step an admin needs to go through to admin a proposal.


10-14-2009 06:23:26 UTC

I see that I could tighten it against admin advantage after it passes (right now it’s such a minor, conditional, benefit, but whatever), but I fail to see your other point though? This rule doesn’t require any additional effort to enact! At least not on the part of the admins.


10-14-2009 06:36:37 UTC