Thursday, September 06, 2007

Proposal: It came from the ??? !!!

s/k, failed by aaronwinborn

Adminned at 08 Sep 2007 18:40:45 UTC

Add the following text to the City and Neighborhoods rule:

Some outlying regions of the city that are not neighborhoods shall be tracked in a section at the top of The City document called Outer Regions. This is not a neighborhood. It shall have three subsections named with the following:

The Skies

The Sea

The Farmlands

In the subrule Attributes, append the following text:

After a Kaiju God determines the threat level for the part they created, they shall also choose a section listed in the Outer Regions for the monster to enter play at. After each Kaiju involved suggests a Outer Region, the Outer Region that has been suggested the most is where the monster shall start. If there is no majority in the suggestions, the Kaiju who initiated the monster’s creation(drew the top section) shall make the final decision.

Once the Outer Region has been decided, the monsters name shall be listen in The City document in the section named with their starting location.




09-06-2007 15:19:15 UTC

I made this before reading Proposal: Urban Clearance, so take that into consideration before voting.


09-06-2007 15:20:34 UTC

Don’t vote yet, I’ll make it work with Proposal: Urban Clearance


09-06-2007 15:23:37 UTC

Heck, Proposal: Urban Clearance does everything this does, and says it better.  against