Friday, May 23, 2014

Proposal: It Followed Me Home

Times out and fails 1-2-1. Adminned by Rodney.

Adminned at 25 May 2014 09:30:38 UTC

To the bulleted list in “Approaching Beasts”, add a second point:-

If exactly one Knight on the Approach is a Taming Knight, and the number of Taming and Scouting Knights exceeds the number of Attacking Knights, and the Beast has not already been Tamed, then the Beast is Tamed by the Taming Knight: it has the text “Tamed by the Knight called [name].” added to its rule, where “[name]” is the name of the Taming Knight.

To the rule “Beasts”, add:-

If a Beast has been Tamed by a Knight and is not Slain, then that Knight may apply the effects of its Behaviour as a daily action.



23-05-2014 12:14:04 UTC

against Although I like the concept, this confers a considerable advantage to certain Knights based on time availability. The optimal move would be to delay choosing one’s tactic until (quorum-1) other Knights had already done so, which doesn’t make for very interesting gameplay.


23-05-2014 20:12:30 UTC

against per Purplebeard


24-05-2014 17:03:01 UTC