Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It has come to my attention…

It has come to my attention that Matt and Aaron, who if I remember are early BlogNomic players, are invading Fresh Nomic, and they are the same person. They submitted the following proposal:

Create a new core rule, titled “Yally is in Charge” with the following text:

“If Yally makes a post saying that he has achieved victory, then he has achieved victory. This rule may not be repealed and the text of this rule may not be changed in any way. This rule takes precedence over all other rules. If any other rule should say to the contrary, that rule is repealed.”

(Yally was another sockpuppet of Aaron/Matt.) So I am requesting help in stopping “them”. Please, join Fresh Nomic and vote against. You can leave afterwords, but we at Fresh need Blog’s support right now.



04-01-2009 14:25:49 UTC

If you’re accepting that sockpuppets can vote, you may as well just create your own in response.