Item Suggestions (13 comments) Please suggest items.

Please suggest items.


arthexis: he/him

09-09-2009 20:08:02 UTC

Stylish Blob: Arthexis achieves victory in the current dynasty.


09-09-2009 20:20:12 UTC

Little Black book: If possessed by a Cultist, the Leader reveals to that Cultist the name of one other Cultist.


09-09-2009 20:48:26 UTC

I’ll add both arth’s suggestion (though slightly modified) and SB’s.


10-09-2009 01:29:34 UTC

Trapping Kit: community gets extra +2 food when you forage


10-09-2009 08:18:16 UTC

Chainsaw: When attacking, your stamina is treated as 2 more than what it is.

Reword as needed.


10-09-2009 16:40:08 UTC

Methanphetamines.  Can be consumed by its holder, upon which the methanphetamines are removed from inventory and the holder’s Stamina is increased by +5.  However, once, after 24 hours have elapsed since the methanphetamines are consumed, any Survivor can reduce the Holder’s Stamina by 7 (i.e., losing the +5 bonus plus an additional -2 penalty)


10-09-2009 16:41:39 UTC

Syringe.  Holder can deliberately infect himself, or infect another Survivor upon a successful attack on that survivor.  in either case, the syringe is removed from inventory.


11-09-2009 05:27:49 UTC

7 Quicksilver. Gives a Rage boost to anyone consuming it (or wearing it in a hat). Especially effective for Surfers.


11-09-2009 21:31:44 UTC

Pile of Food. Holder may remove from their inventory in order to increase the Food and Water by DICE20.


12-09-2009 02:31:55 UTC

Oh, and that game explanation is finished; it’s here.


12-09-2009 02:32:13 UTC

That isn’t actually the explanation.


12-09-2009 02:38:58 UTC

The actual explanation is at this link.


12-09-2009 02:39:26 UTC

That’s not the explanation either; I only posted it because there was a screwup in the first link thanks to EE.