Sunday, July 16, 2017

Proposal: Items

Timed out 3 votes to 3. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 18 Jul 2017 07:37:01 UTC

Add a section called “Items”. Within, add:

Pactmakers have zero or more items, tracked in the GNDT. Pactmakers can give an item of their choice to another Pactmaker which is on their same square unless they have an Imp, in which case they may grant it to any Pactmaker, regardless of their Square. Items and their effects are the following:
- Energy Drink: A Pactmaker can remove from play an Energy Drink they have to gain 15 Stamina.
- Forbidden Matchstick: A Pactmaker can remove from play a Forbidden Matchstick they have to destroy (remove from play) one of their Promises. Only three Forbidden Matchsticks can be ever used during this dynasty.
- Imp Contract: A Pactmaker can remove from play Imp Contract to summon an Imp.
- Dark Tapeworm: A Pactmaker with a Dark Tapeworm can spend 5 Mana to gain 4 Stamina.
- Blessed Bloodtick: A Pactmaker with a Blessed Bloodtick can spend 5 Stamina to gain 4 Mana.
- Rosario: A Pactmaker with this item can transfer an amount of their Stamina to any other Pactmaker by paying 1 mana.

Once this dynasty, a Pactmaker can grant themselves two randomly chosen Items (which can’t be a Forbidden Matchstick).

Change “Once a Favor is completed, that Pactmaker gains an amount of mana according to that Favor’s payout (which is in brackets):” to

Once a Favor is completed, that Pactmaker gains an amount of mana according to that Favor’s payout if its a number, or an item if such is named. A Favor’s payout is in brackets, next to its related task:



07-16-2017 02:27:05 UTC

Sounds like a throwback to the items in pokes’ dynasty.


07-16-2017 06:49:27 UTC

I got the map code from Viv’s too tbh lol.


07-16-2017 08:33:45 UTC

against Seems like this is adding too much gamestate, when we aren’t using most of the stuff we have already.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

07-16-2017 12:11:53 UTC



07-16-2017 12:59:52 UTC

against These are too imbalanced for each person to randomly get two. Dark Tapeworm and Rosario in particular seem too weak when Stamina is easy to get and Mana is hard.


07-16-2017 18:16:34 UTC

against  Items in general would be cool, but it’s hard to accept all of these in one proposal