Thursday, July 17, 2008

Proposal: Items, Take 3

reached a quorum, final vote 7-1—Yoda

Adminned at 19 Jul 2008 06:54:04 UTC

Add a sub-rule of rule “Character Sheets” titled “Inventory” with the following text:

Each Adventurer may carry a number of Items.  The wiki page “Item List” is considered a Gamestate document and contains the properties of all legal Items.  Items have the following properties:
*Name - what the item is called
*For Sale - whether or not the item may be bought at the store, only legal values are Yes and No
*Cost - how much the item costs (in gold pieces) for an Adventurer to buy the item at the store
*Temporary Effect - any Gamestate effect that occurs when the Item is used and how long the effect lasts per use
*Number of Uses - how many times the item may be used, may be infinite
*Lasting Effect - any Gamestate effect that occurs while an Adventurer has the Item

Whenever an Adventurer gains an Item, the name of that Item is added to that Adventurer’s Inventory and that Adventurer is said to have that Item.  Whenever an Adventurer loses an Item, the name of that Item is removed from that Adventurer’s Inventory and that Adventurer is said to no longer have that Item.  While an Adventurer has an Item, he is called the Bearer of that Item.

The current Number of Uses for an Item is placed in parentheses after the name of the Item in the Bearer’s Inventory.  Whenever an Item’s Number of Uses reaches 0 or less, the Bearer loses that Item.

Remove all text from the “Item List” wiki page.

Add a new dynastic rule titled “Store” with the following text:

Any Adventurer who is not part of a Party that has begun its task may buy an Item whose For Sale property is Yes and whose Cost does not exceed the number of gold pieces that Adventurer possesses by spending an amount of gold pieces equal to the Cost of the Item, at which point he gains the Item.



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07-18-2008 00:57:53 UTC

Though we need to include When an item is used, reduce the Number of uses by 1.


07-18-2008 01:15:14 UTC

I thought that could have been inferred by the language “when the Item is used” and “how many times the item may be used”.  I suppose making it explicit wouldn’t hurt.


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07-18-2008 05:42:27 UTC

for Probably being picky, but I wanna keep my useless, used up items for mementos! Mentos? No, mementos.


07-18-2008 10:51:57 UTC

against No where does it say multiple people cannot buy the same item, or infact, you cannot have two of the same item. Seems potentially abuseable.


07-18-2008 11:44:14 UTC

Why would two people not be able to buy the same item or one person buy more than one of the same item?  Case in point, potions and food: would you not want to stock up on those essentials?


07-18-2008 12:43:01 UTC

But without any concept of stock, seems like it would cause more harm than good.


07-18-2008 23:25:38 UTC