Friday, November 22, 2013

Proposal: It’s off to work we go

Times out and fails 1-6-2 / Skju

Adminned at 24 Nov 2013 13:27:23 UTC

Enact a subrule to “Offices” entitled “Jobs”:

Any Official action may be performed by the an Oligarch who holds the appropriate Office as a weekly action at a cost of 10 power.
Official Actions are as follows:

  • Chief of Police:
    • May publish a story post entitled “Legal Referendum”, in which they may order that a single, one time, legal game-relevant action within 48 hours. For each Oligarch who is able to but does not comply with this order, the Chief of Police may spend 2 Power to penalize that Oligarch by reducing that Oligarchs power by 10.  If any Oligarch is punished in this way, for every Oligarch who is eligible to be punished and is not punished, the Chief of Police loses 2 Credibility. If the Chief of Police has no Credibility to lose 4 power instead. If all Oligarchs follow the order, the Chief of Police gains 20 Credibility.

Enact a new rule entitled “Black Market”:

Any Seditious Oligarch may have one Occupation, which should be recorded in the Office category in the GDNT:
Once per week, any Seditious Oligarch who has no occupation may pay 10 power to change their Occupation to one of the following:

  • Hacker
  • Mole
  • Black Market Dealer

Any Illicit action may be performed by the a Seditious Oligarch who holds the appropriate Occupation as a weekly action at a cost of 5 credibility.
Illicit Actions are as follows:

  • Mole
    • May take any unoccupied Office, and may only be removed from this Office at a cost of 20 power to anyone who is legally able to remove Oligarchs from this Office

There are still lots of Jobs/Occupations that need actions, but I figured I’d see what people thought of the general concept before I fleshed this out more.


RaichuKFM: she/her

22-11-2013 19:30:22 UTC

for Sure.

RaichuKFM: she/her

22-11-2013 19:31:57 UTC

against Actually, no, the Chief of Police could just extort Power from everybody.


22-11-2013 20:26:55 UTC

against per RaichuKFM, the chief of police is kinda over-powered but I like the idea


22-11-2013 21:47:07 UTC



22-11-2013 23:25:33 UTC

against Interesting but unbalanced.

Kevan: he/him

23-11-2013 08:45:13 UTC

against As above. And the Mole is nice, but a little awkward - the Oligarch will have both an Office and an Occupation, which hav to be tracked in the same place. The invisible “may only be removed from this Office at a cost of 20 power” is also a little tricky for being untracked, and presumably indefinite.


23-11-2013 12:31:13 UTC



23-11-2013 21:18:11 UTC



24-11-2013 07:24:25 UTC