Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It’s weirder than that

My last proposal just scratched the surface. The occupying population is reduced by revolt, but what if another Country has moved in? That other Country loses the population instead and the Country that initiated the Hostile Takeover STILL gets the Territory in the end. Talk about getting someone else to do the work for you!

I think the Hostile Takeover rule needs some more adjustments…



09-21-2005 16:43:42 UTC

I thought of that - most of the issues stem from the fact that the rule uses occupying population to refer to the occupying population of the country initiating the Takeover, I think.  A rewrite clarifying some numbers is probably in order, but not which changes the rule significantly as Chrono’s new proposal does.


09-21-2005 17:12:41 UTC

The use of the generic ‘population’ leads to confusion, as does unspecified ‘occupying population’? Whose population is meant? From where? I was trying to clarify this with using the term Country X’s presence in Territory Y.