Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Proposal: Java No Script

Enacted popular, 9-0. Josh

Adminned at 23 Mar 2022 14:40:58 UTC

In the Appendix rule Rules and Votable Matters, add the following as a final bullet point:

When the ruleset calls for the use of a specific tool (such as the dice roller, or an off-domain website, or a specific piece of downloadable software), Researchers may not deliberately interfere with the function of that tool except in ways explicitly permitted by the ruleset.


Chiiika: she/her

22-03-2022 11:07:29 UTC

for no more shenanigans

Lulu: she/her

22-03-2022 11:20:34 UTC


Josh: he/they

22-03-2022 11:33:29 UTC

Hm, this still contains a loophole, albeit a finer one. In a case where a player has some sort of control over a tool they can just change the function of the tool in a way that isn’t obvious or documented - eg Kevan could make it so that the dice roller always rolls nat 20s when the Up arrow key is held while pressing the roll button - that’s not technically “interfering” with the function as much as it is making use of undocumented aspects of the function.


22-03-2022 12:17:07 UTC


Raven1207: he/they

22-03-2022 13:38:05 UTC


Roujo: he/him

22-03-2022 14:55:49 UTC

It still contains a loophole, but it doesn’t introduce any new ones AFAIK so I’m for it - we can still plug other loopholes in further iterations. =)


22-03-2022 16:14:09 UTC



22-03-2022 16:20:16 UTC



22-03-2022 18:16:08 UTC

Since the dice roller is in the ruleset, couldn’t you argue that adding hidden functions is interfering with its function, since this is not an action allowed by the ruleset?

Roujo: he/him

22-03-2022 18:33:48 UTC

@GloopyGhost: For the dice roller specifically I agree, but for other stuff like the Parallelizer there’s no such provision ^^

SingularByte: he/him

23-03-2022 06:23:31 UTC