Thursday, July 14, 2016

Proposal: Jobs for Everyone!

Vetoed and Self-Killed. -Bucky

Adminned at 16 Jul 2016 23:06:42 UTC

Add the Official Position “Citizen of the Year” to the bulleted list in “Official Positions” with the following Powers

The Citizen of the Year may, as a weekly action, preform any action they have done before, other than Scoring.

Add the following text to “Official Positions” after the bulleted list:

Any Scribe who is not holding an Official Position may grant themselves the Official Position of The Citizen of the Year. If The Citizen of the Year is granted any other Official Positions then they cease to be The Citizen of the Year.



14-07-2016 23:24:05 UTC

Also, potential scam, if they have one Score they can score over and over.


14-07-2016 23:26:22 UTC

Note: Good catch. Better? I mean it would take several weeks for them to amass scores anyway but still.


14-07-2016 23:26:23 UTC


RaichuKFM: she/her

14-07-2016 23:27:32 UTC



14-07-2016 23:29:52 UTC



15-07-2016 02:04:36 UTC

against because several of us have achieved victory before.


15-07-2016 02:50:57 UTC

...and it gets even more broken than that.  I recommend a veto.

RaichuKFM: she/her

15-07-2016 03:16:34 UTC

veto :D

But yes, could probably use a real one.

This has happened before, actually, and it passed that time (though you had to have done the action five times before, then)- Kevan used his ‘conditioned action’ to pass a CfJ to remove the Rule after Josh used it to win, presumably to prevent anyone from using one to mess something up.

Which also means we can’t Map to it. (If we could have, I would have mapped to it immediately after my Proposal to make all Maps used passed, as I have exactly five wins.)

against Since it’s been spotted by someone other than me (I saw it immediately but may have been bribed). It’s also a bit dangerous to leave out in the open, though I can’t imagine it would actually pass even if I hadn’t CoV’d and Brendan didn’t veto.

Brendan: he/him

15-07-2016 16:48:48 UTC

veto Mm.


15-07-2016 16:57:00 UTC

against and so it was