Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Story Post: Join the DDA today!

Here at the DDA, we scam to win the dynasty! Our membership is secret (with the notable exceptions of me and RODLAN), so no-one will be able to get angry at you for being a member!

To join the DDA, PM me. I will forward your message to the rest of the DDA and I’ll inform you of the rest of the members.

...unless I don’t trust you.

Join the DDA today!



05-06-2009 00:49:08 UTC

against spam lol


05-06-2009 00:50:07 UTC

1. This is not a proposal, CfJ, or DoV.

2. This isn’t spam, I’m trying to help get people to scam to get us to win. It has relevance to the game.


05-06-2009 00:52:53 UTC

1. Ik

2. Have ya not learned what scamming gets ya in the end? IE: the Wak Mess? No offence to Wak.


05-06-2009 01:02:17 UTC

2. Well this is scamming on dynastic rules, not core rules or glossary.


05-06-2009 01:19:20 UTC

Zis is KAOS…er…I mean the DDA.  Ve do not scam here.


05-06-2009 02:08:07 UTC


What the heck is a KAOS?


05-06-2009 02:33:41 UTC

Evil organization from Get Smart.

I watch the old original show.


05-06-2009 03:36:28 UTC

I’m a member! It’s not a secret.

Lol, I saw an old Get Smart movie on tv right before I went to see the new one. Both shows are hilarious.


05-06-2009 04:04:18 UTC

...“Get Smart”?

I vaguely remember seeing a commercial for that once.

Other than that, never heard of it.


05-06-2009 04:40:05 UTC

Don’t let the DDA win.
Last time we had a DDA dynasty, it sucked.


05-06-2009 05:23:44 UTC

What are you talking about, Rodlen’s last Dynasty? The DDA is so much better now. We passed the [change-the-last-letter-of-our-name] phase and moved into the Responsible Body of Blognomic Players phase.

Besides, the reason Blo vs. Gno vs. Mic didn’t work was because of encryption, which will not come up again.


05-06-2009 12:39:25 UTC

Oh good.


05-06-2009 15:13:08 UTC

“Last time we had a DDA dynasty, it sucked.”

If a DDA member wins, that’s unlikely to cause a DDA dynasty to happen.


05-06-2009 19:12:13 UTC

Going back to the original topic, I wouldn’t call collusion a form of scamming, it happens in nomics all the time and is generally considered legit play. (The exception is if there’s a loophole in a rule that can only be exploited via collusion.)

Ienpw III:

05-07-2009 01:41:08 UTC

So… I’m new here, so I don’t know.. what’s the DDA?


05-07-2009 01:50:17 UTC

Well, the DDA used to be a real, well-defined body several dynasties ago (it stands for “Dimensional Defense Agency.” Nowadays, we’re just a group that convenes occasionally to support each other. Although the DDA has many times been slandered, our main goal is simply to enjoy Blognomic to the fullest.


05-07-2009 05:33:14 UTC

The DDA is an organization with high-ranked idiots.


05-07-2009 05:34:52 UTC

To be pretty blunt huh Rod? lol what letter was it before the A?

Ienpw III:

05-07-2009 10:29:22 UTC

Oh ok..


05-07-2009 21:03:38 UTC

@Darknight: According to the logs, it was… dollar sign.

Don’t ask.


05-08-2009 02:08:40 UTC

High, I am here with a mandate from the DDA high command. They were pretty drunk, and it is written in crayon on half a napkin, but they all signed it and I’m pretty sure that it says that DC shouldn’t tell lies about the DDA. We do not scam. Ever. I take offence at the very notion of it. Also note that DC does not speak for the DDA. Mostly Rodlen does, but pretty much every member except for DC does. EXCEPT FOR DC! Do not accept anything he says about the DDA as truth. If fact, its best that you don’t remember any of this.

*Puts on sunglasses and takes out that one thing from Men in Black (or “Black Men” accourding to Qwazukee XD). Standard issue. Now watch closely…


05-08-2009 02:09:05 UTC



05-08-2009 02:32:44 UTC

Of course, the word “high” is in reference to the “High” Command, not me. Continue.