Monday, June 08, 2020

Joining Blognomix

Hello, my name is Rebecca Lee (also known as R. Lee in Agora, hello to my friends from there!). I wish to join BlogNomic (i am not sure i will be super active or dedicated to this nomic all the time, but parts of its systems greatly interest me!)


Josh: he/they

08-06-2020 10:41:03 UTC

Welcome to the game, Rebecca! Quorum rises to 8.

We have rules governing mentorships for new players, which can currently not be fulfilled due to the lack of an Emperor. If you would like an experienced mentor then just say so and we’ll use a CfJ to put one in place. Otherwise, do head over to the BN slack and ask for any advice or clarifications that you might need.

Rebecca Lee: she/her

08-06-2020 10:45:57 UTC

Where can I find the slack?

Josh: he/they

08-06-2020 10:48:31 UTC

There’s an icon in the sidebar beneath the playerlist - but you can sign up here and access the slack here.

Rebecca Lee: she/her

08-06-2020 11:42:47 UTC

thanks josh (are you tengihitsune, out of curiosity?)

Josh: he/they

08-06-2020 13:18:40 UTC

I am not. I’m not an Agoran of any stripe, assuming that tengihitsune is an Agoran and that was the context for the question


08-06-2020 18:50:57 UTC

Oh hey! It’s great to see you here.