Sunday, October 08, 2017

Joining in!

Hallo all! I’ve always been wanting to play a Nomic game so when I recently noticed you had just restarted here I decided to try. First game evah so I’ll start out by keeping a low profile and just up/downvoting, I guess :>



10-08-2017 11:05:32 UTC

Ok! I hope you have a great time.


10-08-2017 15:51:27 UTC

for updooting


10-08-2017 16:12:21 UTC

Hopefully this does not lead to a sharp increase and then decrease in activity like it did last time. If I’m not mistaken, quorum is now 5, but I’m not an admin, so…


10-09-2017 10:55:35 UTC

Welcome. Quorum is 5. (Either now 5 or became 5, depending on how one sees the order of you and Arsaces joining).

I’ll PM you your GNDT password.