Friday, October 21, 2011

Joining the party.

I unidle. Quorom reaches 22.


Prince Anduril:

10-21-2011 13:41:29 UTC

Why’s there a comma in the list?


10-21-2011 13:50:08 UTC

Bad copy paste. Idle players are seperated by commas instead of new lines.


10-21-2011 13:50:31 UTC

@Rodney: The sciverndaverns are here. We should have listened.

@Prince Anduril: The idle player list is separated by commas, and the active player list is not. Forgetting to delete the comma when copy-pasting isn’t uncommon. It’s fixed now.


10-21-2011 13:52:45 UTC

Can we get another 8 people to join and make Nomic history?


10-21-2011 13:58:50 UTC

I can’t remember how many players PerlNomic got when it was Slashdotted, but it was a lot. (It’s since died.)


10-21-2011 14:43:55 UTC

Someone said 50 in another post.


10-21-2011 17:00:02 UTC

I may have an archive of it from back then; I’ll have a look.