Monday, July 01, 2024

Story Post: Judging: 01 July 2024

She turned to investigate and momentarily forgot about her worries as she saw the pale blue glow of the jewel.

  1. June stood before the blazing inferno that was the shop. Her home. She was fortunate, really. Had she arrived a few minutes later, likely her family wouldn’t have survived. Not everyone was as lucky. Eddie’s father was killed, sword rammed through his chest, when he protested the destruction. She spun, stalking toward the well, where her father sat nursing his burns. “We can’t let them get away with this!” “I know, child,” her father sighed, “and I agree. Your passion is admirable, but look around you. This town is in no state to send a party in chase. Especially not enough to overpower a blood-thirsty pirate band.” June pointed, “They didn’t fire their cannons. No bombardment, and the brigands ransacked every building they saw. They were looking for something, and were willing to kill to get it. I need to stop them. Even if it means doing it by myself.”
  2. Watching the unfolding horrors, June didn’t see the petite blond sidle up beside her. While looking forward, she said close to June’s ear, “Cap’n’s gonna be happy ‘bout dem swamp beets. Ya never see ‘em in the sea towns.” June, turning her head quickly, and trying to get her now exploding heart back in her chest, gasped. “Ladies by themselves get mistaken as goods.” And the blond shoved a small dagger into June’s free hand. “Pirates shoot cannons at enemies. Damsels are for passion and fun; and not their own.” The blond took off and motioned to June to follow.
  3. Suddenly, a loud BANG was heard a cannon ball whizzed past their heads, crashing into the cliff wall above them. Natasha turned to see another large ship turning into the bay. “Blasted Navy” Natasha muttered. “Get back to the ship, we’ve got what we came for.” A fiery passion burned in her eyes as she grabbed the jewel and aboard climbed The Black Hawk. “Take us out, Faulk” she ordered. “But Ma’am, many crew are not back on board” the helmsman replied. “I said. TAKE US OUT” she roared. “Don’t try to fight them. Its time to run.”
  4. “At last, the power to command the seas,” Natasha said. “Assuming the legends are true, that is.” As Natasha took the crate with the jewel from her first mate, Steven, she suddenly realized what had felt so wrong. All of the sounds that she would have expected—birds, waves, even the wind—were absent, and the air felt unusually still. At this realization, Natasha froze. “All hands on deck; I want our cannons ready,” she ordered. “Are you expecting trouble?” Steven asked. “Anything could happen,” Natasha said. “And something feels wrong.” All of a sudden, something exploded from the ocean with a furious passion. “Ambush!”
  5. As the pirate handed her the gem, Natasha allowed herself a small smile. “Beautiful,” she sighed as she leaned against a nearby cannon. “Captain, what’s so special about this gem?” Glaring, Natasha turned and held out the gem. “Its called the heart of the deep and its said to hold a power anyone with a passion for power would kill for.” Keeping her own fears hidden, she continued. “Legend says this gem allows one to control the master of the deep and rule the seas.” Muttering to one another, the other pirates began to ponder what they had just learned. Turning back to her quarters on the ship, Natasha shivered. “Unless the part about there being a girl who can use the gem to destroy the master is true.”


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