Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just a note…

It seems I screwed up my attempts to Drive yesterday, accidentally entering the wrong set of routes in the GNDT. I’m assuming nothing since was legal (even my Assignment Request, because it was based on the wrong number of routes), as they each updated the GNDT to an impossible state, and thus weren’t legal actions per rule 3.2. Also per rule 3.2, I’m correcting the GNDT to comply with the gamestate, by changing it back to the state it was in immediately before I performed the illegal action; I have one twice-weekly and four quad-dailies left for this week/day at this point. Just making a note here in the blog post as it might be hard to follow otherwise.

(It crosses my mind that it’d be a plausible scam to do this sort of thing deliberately to gain an advantage and play from there, hoping nobody notices, and being able to retcon without penalty if you were caught; although I think it’d be very unfair play to do that sort of thing deliberately, and this was purely an accident. I was wondering how that fourth Downtown Route got into my pool…)


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