Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Proposal: Just don’t do it after midnight…

Open for 12 hours, quorums 5-0.—Quirck

Adminned at 26 Jul 2012 03:46:35 UTC

Add a new rule called “feeding” and give it the following text

At the start of every other day, beginning July 27th 2012, all Workers must feed their Manuls. Any Worker who has at least 2(M-1) CW, where M is the number of Manuls that worker has, loses 2M CW and has fed their Manuls for the day. Otherwise, they must automatically sell Manuls by repeatedly decreasing their Manul count by one and then increases their CW by 6 CW, until the Farmer has N manuals and at least 2(N-1) CW, at which point they lose 2(N-1) CW and have fed their Manuls.

Replace the contents of the rule “Manuls are living creatures”


Each Manul that a Farmer possess may itself posses an Amulet. Amulets must have unique IDs across all workers (including idle ones) consisting of one or more alphanumeric characters. Amulets are tracked in a GNDT called “Amulets”, and are listed in a comma seperated list in the row for the worker who possesses the Manul who owns that Amulet. Farmers may change the order of the Amulets possessed by their Manuls at any time. If a Farmer ever has fewer Manuls than entries in their Amulet list, the last entry in their Amulet list is removed.

If a Manul which possesses an Amulet dies, the Amulet is removed from that Worker’s list and disappears and the Farmer’s Manul count decreases by one. Likewise, if a Manul which possesses an Amulet is sold or otherwise transferred to another Farmer, the Amulet is transferred to the other as well and the two Farmer’s Manul totals are updated accordingly. (If the Manul which dies or is transferred does not possess an Amulet, the Farmer’s Manul totals are still updated).

If a Farmer does not possess any Manuls and has not already done so this dynasty, he may give himself one Manul which possesses an Amulet with an ID of the Farmer’s choosing (provided, of course, it is unique).

Basically the same feeding thing, except it happens automatically. Non amulet Manuls are automatically sold first, Farmers can reorder their amulet list to control the order they kill off the ones with amulets.

Also you get to feed your first guy for free, because otherwise that would be sad.

Breeding / standardized buying selling can be introduced later.


quirck: he/him

25-07-2012 21:16:59 UTC

Well, you were faster than me in this :)
It seems that you meant “loses 2(M-1) CW”, and one manul is fed for free. After adding selling newborns this will lead to two stationary amounts of manuls (which cause CW to be constant): 7 and 10. Well, actually, that’s interesting. You may have 7 manuls from the start, and gradually raise it to 10 (is it advantage of old players?). If we demand to lose 2M, 2N CW, then stationary amounts are 3 and 6, which both are attainable from the start, probably 3 not being widely used.

Please, if you think that we should feed one manul for free, include an arrow in your post.

Right now, though, CW is only lost, so we should be quick in adding autosell newborn mechanic.

quirck: he/him

25-07-2012 21:33:29 UTC

I think for for now, fixing prices later, otherwise if my proposal “Manul rules, take two” passes and this proposal fails, we get considerable CW increase for free. I can’t edit my proposal now, so if this fails, I probably should s/k that…

quirck: he/him

25-07-2012 21:37:19 UTC

And I treat manuals as a typo for “Manuls”, hope noone disagrees

Vovix: he/him

25-07-2012 22:11:21 UTC

for  For now. I like the proposal, however some of the mistakes need to be fixed.


25-07-2012 23:34:51 UTC


Could 2M be considered a typo, being that he said in the comment that we are intended to feed our first Manul for free?

Josh: he/they

26-07-2012 06:25:55 UTC


quirck: he/him

26-07-2012 10:21:31 UTC

If we allow typos in formulae, we’ll be in trouble :) Anyone may change a formula, claiming there was a typo, perform some stuff and revert the change so that nobody notices unless watches the history of changes.