Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Proposal: Just for flavour

Self-Killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 04 Mar 2010 02:09:43 UTC

In rule 1.4 replace:

A vote of DEFERENTIAL is a vote of no opinion, or of faith in the decision of the Mad Prince


A vote of DEFERENTIAL is a vote of no opinion, or of obedience to the will of the Mad Prince

Who could possibly have faith in the judgement of one known as the Mad Prince?



03-02-2010 15:41:50 UTC


Josh: HE/HIM

03-02-2010 15:49:46 UTC

against We probably don’t want the core rules to be flavourised - the flavour changes every dynasty, after all.


03-02-2010 15:50:13 UTC

for Although tweaking the core rules for flavor might be a bit intense. =)


03-02-2010 15:50:26 UTC

imperial Because I don’t really now how I feel about one-time changes to the core rules, still a cute idea though

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-02-2010 15:51:20 UTC

against This rule sticks around for every dynasty, so we shouldn’t have to change it back if “obedience to the will” doesn’t apply next time.


03-02-2010 15:53:36 UTC



03-02-2010 15:55:58 UTC

How about if I included a rule to revert to the original form at the end of the dynasty?


03-02-2010 16:12:54 UTC

against This rule has always bugged me as is, I certainly don’t want it to be even more flavorized.


03-02-2010 16:14:19 UTC

I’m disappointed, in a way, that the BlogNomic rule structure doesn’t allow for this rule to be a good idea, because it is a good idea; the Suber quote in the sidebar is a bit sad, in reference to this.

Ienpw III:

03-02-2010 16:17:25 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

03-02-2010 17:08:06 UTC

Flavour is good, but adding it to the core ruleset could easily get out of hand, and would be awkward to clean up (we’d have to manually remove all flavour added during the dynasty, while being careful to retain any useful core rule changes that were made in that time).

This might fit better as part of the Royal Blood dynastic rule, so that we can just repeal it when the dynasty is over.


03-02-2010 19:20:36 UTC

against per Josh

Darknight: HE/HIM

03-02-2010 22:15:53 UTC



03-03-2010 00:40:30 UTC



03-03-2010 05:19:12 UTC

for from the guy who renamed Quorum to Weatherteam.


03-03-2010 09:56:27 UTC

imperial I don’t feel comfortable controlling DEF votes on core rules changes.


03-03-2010 10:06:48 UTC

Oh well…

against SK