Sunday, December 06, 2009

Declaration of Victory: Just in case

Times out 2-7 -Darth

Adminned at 07 Dec 2009 07:23:47 UTC

I declare victory, per my partner having cast PROUST.

This DoV most likely will not pass, but in the case that NOI’s method is accepted as legal by the Nomic, it will. If I was to wait any longer to post this, someone else could cast soup, so I therefore make this DoV.
Shou;d this pass, I am looking at the Hidden dynasty (find hidden things in puzzles to win points, other hidden things may show up.), the Where’s Waldo dynasty (Find Waldo!), the Assassination dynasty (Grinding and killing), or the Djin Djinasty (the leader is the Djin, may grant players (adventurers) wishes. They Start with 3, may, earn more. Wishes are limited, but not greatly.). Please include the dynasty you want in your vote.



12-06-2009 19:14:09 UTC

If you’re going to tie up the game with this Hiatus, then I’ll be the first to point out that the effect of PROUST doesn’t mean that you’ve achieved victory; It just allows you to declare victory (useful if you’re the Artisan, or if you don’t honestly believe that you’ve achieved victory, but want to post a DoV for some reason).  And since the “Victory and Ascension” Rule directs Apprentices to vote on a DoV based on whether the poster has achieved victory, I advise everyone to vote against this.


12-06-2009 19:16:12 UTC



12-06-2009 19:16:58 UTC

Sorry, forgot to include which Dynasty I like… I like Djinn or Waldo.


12-06-2009 19:25:51 UTC

for  Assassination. It just wouldn’t be the First Dynasty of Wakukee otherwise.


12-06-2009 19:31:35 UTC

Hix makes a very good point. Using as fair an interpretation as NOIs, you can say that it simply allows you to declare victory. However, I prefer to have this dynasty over with, so I will abstain from voting until I see the general consensus of the nomic.


12-06-2009 19:48:11 UTC

But if you read PROUST that way, it has no game effect. If that’s true, anyone could call a DoV at any point anyway. PROUST doesn’t even allow Bucky to make a DoV because it explicitly says that you can make a DoV “if not ineligible for any other reason”... Bucky is ineligible for another reason… he’s Artisan.


12-06-2009 20:23:11 UTC

against This is silly, and we shouldn’t allow the precedent just because the dynasty is boring.


12-06-2009 22:11:23 UTC



12-06-2009 22:24:28 UTC



12-06-2009 22:40:50 UTC

Hix: we’ve used language exactly like that in past.  Wakukee may declare victory if PROUST was cast, and I agree or disagree with the legality of same. That said, I’m disputing the casting of PROUST (and have reverted the GNDT) (awaiting a CfJ..) so against


12-06-2009 23:20:57 UTC

against But Hix’s argument is one I thought we’d worked past; it’s too nitpicky.

I’m against because the way NOI got “PROUST” is incorrect.


12-06-2009 23:41:10 UTC



12-07-2009 03:10:14 UTC

I don’t fault NOI for this, as it’s a case of reading the rule in a different way. Though I did get a chuckle out of the fact that he broke the 2 in 24hr rule after he reminded me about it. Ah well, no harm done.


12-07-2009 03:17:17 UTC

I hadn’t realized the *other* interpretation of the rule at that point. Obviously, the “correct” reading is the one that people support, so my sneakiness is all for naught. :)


12-07-2009 03:59:30 UTC

against on both the casting and the calling. IMOHO PROUST does nothing.