Sunday, April 29, 2012

Proposal: Just one more rule

\timed out and failed, 2-4. Josh

Adminned at 02 May 2012 01:15:03 UTC

Append the following text to the rule “Directions”:

When issuing a Direction specifying that none of their resources are being allocated to Institutions, a Player may include in that Direction a Credit Reset.

Amend the following text to the rule “Cycle Resolution”:

“At the beginning of each Cycle, after the new Market Price Index has been calculated, every Player whose previous Cycle’s Direction included an Order of Reset has their Marines, Power and Councilmen set to 0, and their Credits set to the new MPI. Then, every Player whose previous Cycle’s Direction included a Credit Reset has their credits set to (MPI-P-M-C) where P represents that player’s current power, M represents that player’s current amount of marines and C represents that player’s current amount of councilmen.”



04-29-2012 19:10:48 UTC

against yeah that’s not at all over powered…


04-29-2012 19:52:23 UTC

I’m really unclear about what this does.


04-29-2012 22:18:21 UTC

When a Player submits an Order of Reset, their Credits are set to the MPI and their Marines, Power, Councilmen to 0.

When a Player submits a Credit Reset, they can reset their Credits without losing all of their Marines, Power and Councilmen.

For instance if the MPI is 20 and I have 0 Marines, 1 Power, 2 Councilmen, my resources would be set as follows:

With an Order of Reset, Credits 20, Marines 0, Power 0, Councilmen 0;
with a Credit Reset,  Credits 17, Marines 0, Power 1, Councilmen 2.

I don’t think it’s that much overpowered, because you still have to miss a cycle in order to use it, and it gets you Credits only, which are not victory points.


However the Credit Reset is clearly more profitable than the Order of Reset, and I think if we adopt it we could as well remove the Order of Reset from the rules.


04-29-2012 22:20:53 UTC

Its most certainly overpowered. Sure you miss a cycle, but you can blow all your credits in one cycle and then jump all the way back up which honestly might be better than trying to balance them for two cycles.

The reset is there as a failsafe if you screw up, but this would actually get used by people…


04-30-2012 07:15:41 UTC

I agree with Clucky. MPI is 45 at the moment, it’s quite high for people who haven’t been frugal.



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