Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just saying…

From the Ruleset:

“Each Dynasty is headed by a single Player, known as the Leader”

“When a DoV passes, all other active DoVs are failed, and a new Dynasty begins with the Player who made the DoV as its Leader.”

“The Hiatus continues until the new Leader posts an Ascension Address to the BlogNomic weblog”

“The current Leader is Kevan.”



11-04-2009 19:23:55 UTC

So here’s how I think this goes down:

Now that the DoV has passed, a new Dynasty begins with Bucky as Leader.  But only a single Player is the Leader, and a rule says that that player is Kevan.  But I think that’s okay, because the Ascension Address line mentions the “new leader”, which refers to the previous line, which is about Bucky.  So Even though Kevan is currently the leader of this new Dynasty (And the Dynasty technically should be temporarily named after him), Bucky is the one who has the right to make an AA.  Assuming he repeals the line about Kevan, things should be okay again.

There’s usually no official place where the Leader is identified, and we just sort of agree on who it is.  And since we usually assume that the person who got a DoV to pass in the previous Dynasty is the Leader of the current Dynasty, I assume that’s what we’ll do once the Kevan line is gone.


11-04-2009 19:34:57 UTC

Actually, the same Rule also says “This rule shall be updated to reflect the new Leader.”  So it should read “The current Leader is Bucky” right now.

Speaking of which, I think we just exited the Sixth Dynasty of Kevan.


11-04-2009 19:51:19 UTC

“The new leader” referred to in “This rule shall be updated to reflect the new Leader” is the winner of the election described by that rule, not a player who becomes Leader by some other means.  Normal English usage tells us that much.


11-04-2009 20:13:52 UTC

Hmmm well I am the only player who is still a shade of Blue. I consider myself the victor here.


11-04-2009 21:15:54 UTC

I shall resist the urge to resign under Rule 2.3 and “appoint a successor who agrees to serve as Leader until the end of the dynasty”. Carry on.


11-04-2009 21:24:56 UTC

You can’t; We’re in Hiatus.


11-04-2009 21:28:41 UTC

Ah, good point.


11-06-2009 14:39:41 UTC

Welcome back, Hix, by the way.