Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just to be clear

A recent Mission has failed, and there was not roster comment. The responders (Sylphrena, Josh, Bucky, Fox and Darknight) do lose Clearence, right? There’s no rule I missed that prevents the loss in this situation?


Kevan: he/him

12-02-2015 08:39:52 UTC

Correct. I suppose I’d gotten out of the habit of checking for this, as it was the first without a roster comment and the “following steps are taken in order” rule doesn’t mention it. Clearance updated.


12-02-2015 10:40:46 UTC

Anyone want to admit to Sabotaging it, by the way? (I have a feeling it was Bucky.)


12-02-2015 13:52:02 UTC

I suspect that the person who did it was human, at any rate. We have a ruleset in which Androids are encouraged to succeed at Missions more than Humans are, which seems wrong somehow.


12-02-2015 16:39:14 UTC

I did not Sabotage the mission.


14-02-2015 19:33:00 UTC

Nor did I, for the record.


14-02-2015 19:34:07 UTC

(I now realize that I didn’t respond to that mission. Ignore me.)