Friday, September 23, 2005

Proposal: Keeping growth in check

5-1. Reached Quorum.—Chronos

Adminned at 24 Sep 2005 12:41:23 UTC

Rewrite the 4th paragraph of subrule territories so it reads:

Whenever a Country’s Proposal passes unanimously, that country may roll a DICE2. Upon rolling a 1, e may create a Territory which must be adjacent to at least one of eir Territories, and optionally is also adjacent to any number of other Territories. E does not automatically control this Territory.

We’re cranking out territories like no tomorrow while taking control of them takes aeons. I figured this would at least keep the amount of territories at a reasonable level.

(BTW: I’ve decided to wait a while before proposing another train. It seems a bit useless until we all have multiple territories.)



09-23-2005 23:11:25 UTC

for Sounds reasonable to me.


09-23-2005 23:55:29 UTC

for Sure.


09-24-2005 04:28:20 UTC



09-24-2005 15:31:52 UTC



09-24-2005 15:32:41 UTC

There is a very simple balancing system here - just vote against a proposal that has unanimous for votes if you don’t want another territory created.


09-24-2005 15:53:06 UTC

I realize that, but I’d prefer letting proposals take their natural course and actually rewarding those who think of good proposals without letting it getting out of hand.


09-24-2005 19:40:27 UTC

for I side with the guy with the strangely colored beard.