Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Proposal: Kid Gloves

Timed out 4 votes to 2. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 11 Oct 2013 06:16:46 UTC

Enact a new rule called “Novices”:-

If an Apprentice has joined the game or unidled within the past four days, then that Apprentice is a Novice; otherwise they are not. A Novice may not cast a Spell if it would modify a GNDT stat of another Apprentice, or the Spellbook of another Apprentice.

Further to “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, an attempt to pin down the only actions that it would be unfair for a stooge to perform - crafting and casting a new RAH spell which would become available to their accomplice, or casting a spell to either boost their accomplice or punish that accomplice’s rivals.


Clucky: HE/HIM

09-10-2013 16:54:36 UTC


So you’re worried about someone getting a friend to join and shilling for them? I feel like that possibilty occurs in most dynasties, and there is just an unwritten rule of fairness not to do it.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-10-2013 18:11:36 UTC

No specific worry, I’m just wary that getting a stooge to craft RAH spells becomes a very powerful tactic as we approach the endgame. There’s certainly an unwritten rule that this kind of victory is cheap, but when someone pulls it off, it’s always regarded an acceptable victory, and merely the other players’ fault for building a ruleset that allowed it to happen.


10-10-2013 06:50:59 UTC

for This would make it slightly harder to pull off such a move, which would require more effort on the stooge’s part (unidling earlier and staying active until their help is needed), and I don’t think new players would mind this too much.


10-10-2013 11:55:09 UTC

against Eh, not really a big fan of this. I see your reason, though.

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-10-2013 18:20:49 UTC

If this proposal fails, we’re saying that using a stooge in this way is unfair, but legal, and (on precedent) the player will not be denied their win. A rational group of players sitting around a “first person to hit this wins unfairly but legally” button will hit it as soon as they think that anyone else is about to hit it.

But if that’s the game we want to play, bring it on.

quirck: HE/HIM

10-10-2013 18:52:10 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

10-10-2013 19:46:20 UTC

I dislike the implication that anyone who joins at this point is a schill

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-10-2013 20:43:57 UTC

If we thought everyone was a shill, we’d just ban any new players from joining. This amendment greatly inconveniences shills and slightly inconveniences new players, who just have to wait a few days before being able to take certain game actions.

Clucky: HE/HIM

10-10-2013 20:47:55 UTC

Couldn’t shills also wait? Makes the quick trigger pull harder, sure, but doesn’t really seem to stop it.

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-10-2013 21:12:53 UTC

It’s only intended to stop the most boring five-minute “my friend joins the game and does what I tell him to, I win” victory. A four-day one is still quite dull, but hopefully we’ve made a game that will allow us to react meaningfully if we correctly guess what’s about to happen.


11-10-2013 03:37:50 UTC