Friday, May 23, 2014

Proposal: Knight’s Quadrilemma

Fails 1-4. Adminned by Rodney.

Adminned at 25 May 2014 09:30:21 UTC

Rewrite the rule named “Approaching Beasts” to the following:

If there is no active Approach post for a particular Beast, and that Beast has not already been Slain, a Knight may Approach that Beast by posting a blog entry with the title “Approaching [beast]”, where “[beast]” is the name of the Beast. The blog entry may contain any content. Such a blog entry is known as an Approach post, and starts as active.

Tactics that can be used against Beasts are ATTACK, SCOUT, TAME and HIDE. All Knights initially have HIDE as their Tactic for a new Approach post. While an Approach post is active, Knights may indicate a single Tactic for that Approach post in a Private Message to the Baron; they are then considered to be taken that Tactic against the Beast and can be referred to by a corresponding adjective such as “Attacking Knight” or “Taming Knight” in the context of that Approach post. If a single Knight sends multiple such messages to the Baron for a single Approach post, only the last one is counted.

If an Approach post has been active for at least 48 hours, the Baron may announce the Tactics used for the Approach and resolve it
as follows:

* If exactly one Knight on the Approach is a Taming Knight, and the number of Taming and Scouting Knights exceeds the number of Attacking Knights, and the Beast has not already been Tamed, then the Beast is Tamed by the Taming Knight: it has the text “Tamed by the Knight called [name].” added to its rule, where “[name]” is the name of the Taming Knight.
* Otherwise, if a majority of Knights who have taken a Tactic on the Approach are Attacking Knights, then the Beast is attacked: the Baron rolls DICE6 for each Weapon wielded by an Attacking Knight, then adds DICE4 for each Scouting Knight. If the total exceeds the Beast’s Fortitude, the Beast is Slain. If this happens, “Slain by” is added to the Beast’s Rule, followed by a list of the names of the Knights who took a Tactic on this Approach, and their corresponding Tactics, and each Attacking Knight and each Scouting Knight gains Gold equal to the Beast’s Fortitude. Each Unique Item held by the Beast is then moved to the Inventory of a random Attacking Knight (determined separately for each Item). Otherwise, a randomly-selected Attacking Knight loses a random Weapon that they are Wielding (if they are Wielding any).
* Otherwise, nothing happens.

When an Approach has been resolved, it ceases to be active.

If the most recent proposal titled “It Followed Me Home” did not pass, add the following to the rule named “Beasts”:

If a Beast has been Tamed by a Knight and is not Slain, then that Knight may apply the effects of its Behaviour as a daily action.

Introducing a secret choice mechanic, and implementing Kevan’s Taming option.


Kevan: he/him

23-05-2014 12:51:52 UTC

imperial Much better, except that we probably shouldn’t apply a core mechanic to the Baron when he’s been almost entirely inactive this dynasty.

Are there any web services out there where you can say “my secret answer is X, but only display this answer publicly after the 25th of May” and get given a URL to share? Maybe I should make one.


23-05-2014 20:20:17 UTC

imperial per Kevan.

RaichuKFM: she/her

23-05-2014 23:47:18 UTC

against Sorry about the inactivity, I don’t have much time when I can get on the Nomic lately. That’ll be going back up again soon, but for now I would rather not attach a mechanic to me being able to do something.

The web service sounds a good idea if you can do it.


24-05-2014 17:03:38 UTC