Monday, December 31, 2007

Ascension Address: Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.

Gentlemen, welcome to Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon.  Wipe the mud off your boots on the way in.  Whiskey and beer are available at the bar.  Kindly refrain from discharging firearms while on the premises; but if you just can’t help yourself, try not to shoot the piano player—he’s doing his best.  The poker table is in the back, and that fella sitting at the table with his back to the corner, that’d be the Dealer.

Have a seat and let’s play some poker.

All Dynastic Rules are repealed.  “Valkyrie(s)” becomes “Player(s)”.  “Allfather” becomes “Dealer”.  Singular third-person pronouns become feminine when appropriate.



12-31-2007 21:22:06 UTC


12-31-2007 21:24:05 UTC

still feminine for pronouns?  oookay… :P


12-31-2007 21:26:13 UTC

The link looks good.  An admin needs to clean oth the colums in the GDNT, or wait till I’m home tonight to do it.


12-31-2007 22:32:29 UTC

Meant masculine.  Silly me.  Will fix later.