Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Proposal: Kong sequence

Fewer than a quorum not voting AGAINST. Failed 2-3 by Kevan.

Adminned at 17 Oct 2019 07:59:15 UTC

Add a rule called “The End of the World!” with:

When the MGTA reaches a value of 1.5 or higher from a value below 1.5, The Ocean Explodes, Everything Dies Horribly (for Real) and the World Ends. When the World Ends, a Metadynasty begins with no EM as its UNSG, all dynastic rules repealed, no changes to the Active/Inactive state of Special Case Rules, along the following amendments:

“all Energy Minister (abbreviated EM) shall obey it” to “all Survivahs shall obey it” and “known as the UN Secretary-General (abbreviated UNSG).” to “known as the Emprah.”

and EMs renamed to “Survivah” and UNSG to “Emprah” throughout the Ruleset

5 players, at 20 IO would reach 1.5 MGTA in 15 “years” (assuming that is about 30 days) .
5 * 20 * 15 / 1000 = 1.5



10-16-2019 11:28:25 UTC

And 1500/6*30=8.33 “years”, 16.7 days, another realistic estimate.


10-16-2019 11:30:49 UTC

But don’t get me wrong, I like the everyone-loses flavor of it!

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-16-2019 11:49:33 UTC

And a couple of players at 90 (the achievable maximum under current rules) would get us there quicker.

against If there’s a big red “nobody wins” button, it’s tempting for players to reach for it (either by ramping up their IO, or pulling a scam to trigger it) if they’re at a point where somebody else is almost definitely going to win. The button pusher loses either way.

I’m also not much of a fan of metadynasties, it’s always healthier to have an Emperor around to veto and keep people awake.


10-16-2019 18:33:27 UTC

Maybe we could change it to that pokes wins instead? And we put in Dynastic Distance.


10-16-2019 18:43:34 UTC

Or perhaps we just vote for someone to have the dynasty if the World Ends.


10-16-2019 21:26:51 UTC



10-17-2019 05:42:27 UTC

for I love the flavour, and I agree with Cuddlebeam, the first thing the Survivahs can do is choose the biggest and toughest among them to be da Boss.