Monday, August 29, 2011

Proposal: Land’s Not a Word We Have to Shout

Timed out 7 votes to 2. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 31 Aug 2011 01:21:30 UTC

Create a rule called “Sighting Land” with the following text:

Any Survivor who is not Insane may, as a Daily Action, create a post with the title “Land!”. This post must announce that the Survivor in question has sighted land. Subsequently, any other Survivor who is not Insane may comment on that post. If their first comment begins “Land!” then they are agreeing that land has been sighted. If their first comment begins in any other way, they are disputing that the sight in question is land. If after 48 hours from the initial post their are more such comments agreeing than disputing the sighting then all Survivors reach an Island. If after 48 hours this is not the case then instead the Survivor who made the post loses 3 Sanity.


Currently having “reached an Island” doesn’t do anything, but I felt this was already long enough for one proposal. The motivation is primarily that it would be nice to have some potential source of new food besides initial items. Secondarily, from a purely flavour perspective it seems there’s more diversity of new game elements once there’s some land around. Not that we’re ever guaranteed to reach one of course!



29-08-2011 08:35:02 UTC

imperial I don’t like that it’s us that decide wether to find or not the land in question. I like the idea of two alternating game phases (navigation and land).
But maybe finding land should be the end of the Dynasty…


29-08-2011 08:35:42 UTC

MMMh. I can’t see bateleur’s vote on BNscript. Thoughts?


29-08-2011 08:54:45 UTC

It should be fixed now. The firefox plugin is case-sensitive; it didn’t recognize bateleur’s name from the player list, as it was listed with a capital ‘B’ there. I changed his name on the player list to match his username.


29-08-2011 09:21:37 UTC

Yep. Thanks.

Prince Anduril:

29-08-2011 10:59:46 UTC

imperial I echo HKoD’s reservations about choosing to find land. I was thinking something along the lines of Random events using the dice throws to determine what happens.


29-08-2011 14:18:43 UTC

against I don’t see a purpose for this mechanic, other than to end the game, as HKOD said.


29-08-2011 14:23:07 UTC

I was fairly explicit about the purpose in the comment section, I thought?

Bucky: Proprietor

29-08-2011 15:14:57 UTC


Kevan: he/him

29-08-2011 18:43:37 UTC

for Seems okay as a starting point. Finding our way home does seem like an obvious goal for the game, but stopping off at a few inhospitable ports of call along the way would also work.


29-08-2011 19:05:52 UTC

imperial per Kevan. Lan also may be a desterted island. Howwever the game mechanics still need some word, otherwise it is to easy to drive survivors insane by voting them down. IMHO also the other survivors looking out should be involved.


29-08-2011 21:23:13 UTC

@Blacky - Driving other Survivors insane by that method does indeed seem possible, but since we perhaps don’t want to reach an Island quite yet that may be a good thing. (Also, as an aside, I note that it has not yet been established that being Insane is bad per-se!)

Darknight: he/him

30-08-2011 00:06:20 UTC



30-08-2011 21:27:40 UTC