Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Proposal: Last Man Standing

Fewer than a quorum of players not voting AGAINST. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 13 Dec 2016 17:43:01 UTC

Enact a new rule “Victory Condition: Survivor”:

If there is exactly one villager that does not exhibit the Death symptom for a period of 48 hours, regardless of current or previous other symptoms, that villager will be proclaimed Last Man Standing.

However, if all villagers exhibit the Death symptom, the villager with the lowest number of symptoms will be declared Least Sick Villager. In case of a tie, a medical examination by the Doctor will determine the Least Sick Villager, based on the Doctor’s medical expertise (length of time sick, number of symptoms, nature of disease, at Doctor’s discretion).

Finally, the Last Man Standing, or failing that, the Least Sick Villager is then allowed to make a declaration of victory.

Might be an idea to codify the tiebreaker variables. Possible to amend paragraph 2 if a way around death is possible.


quirck: he/him

13-12-2016 15:27:30 UTC

Note: The Last Man Standing is only allowed to make a DoV, he wouldn’t have achieved victory? I believe rule 1.7 already allows anyone to make a DoV.

I think it’s too early for a victory condition

Kevan: Oracle he/him

13-12-2016 15:30:46 UTC

Note: “If there is exactly one villager that does not exhibit the Death symptom” is also a bit ambiguous.

(If all comments on a proposal begin with “Note:”, the proposer is allowed to make edits to it.)


13-12-2016 17:06:25 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

13-12-2016 17:08:57 UTC

against It probably is a bit early for a victory condition. Makes sense to have one like this eventually, though.

quirck: he/him

13-12-2016 17:11:25 UTC