Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lawsuits Mk II

REPRESENTING: ais523, Amnistar, Chronos Phaenon, southpointingchariot

Create a new rule, “Lawsuits”, with the text:

In today’s economy, who wants to work when other people are around to do it for you? Therefore, as a daily action, a Player, known as the Lawyer, who has 4 or more SP may spend 3 of their own SP and transfer 2 SP from a second Player, known as the Defendant, to a third Player, known as the Plaintiff. The Lawyer, Defendant, and Plaintiff must all be different players.

Let’s try this again, without the unintentional SK.



10-30-2011 18:01:30 UTC

Explicit imperial to avoid self-killing this


10-30-2011 18:02:51 UTC

for Bucky, you are not represented this time… ;)


10-30-2011 18:03:14 UTC

ah, and not a proposal, lol


10-30-2011 18:03:32 UTC