Sunday, February 27, 2011

Story Post: learn grunt: advanced painting

this learn think needs cave painting and tools.

the cost of this learn think is ten and ten and ten.

the field of this learn think is art.

the effect of this learn think is that cavemen can use brushes to make very nice paintings instead of just finger scribbles and can use tools to make better canvas than just cave wall.

self explain a tory.



28-02-2011 03:10:45 UTC



28-02-2011 08:21:26 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

28-02-2011 08:36:47 UTC


Josh: he/they

28-02-2011 11:13:56 UTC



28-02-2011 16:31:53 UTC



28-02-2011 23:52:15 UTC



01-03-2011 22:17:32 UTC

Because this is now more than 48 hours old, it can be “enacted.”  But does one have to be an admin in order to “enact” it?  I can update the wiki page just as easily as an admin…


01-03-2011 22:36:19 UTC

i am ‘enacting’ this research proposal and adding it to the wiki.  this may or may not be legal, as the rule for enacting research proposals references the rule for enacting regular proposals, and *that* rule requires admins to enact them.  i am not an admin.

if it is not legal for me to ‘enact’ this research proposal, then an admin can ‘enact’ it instead, and either leave it in the wiki page or else remove it from the wiki page and then add it again right-quick.

and if i had a free proposal slot i would propose allowing any player to ‘enact’ a research proposal and update the wiki.  if another caveman wants to do this, i will vote for and maybe they will get some smartness for it.