Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Story Post: learn grunt: filling hole

the only learn think that this needs is bash rocks.

the cost of this learn think is ten plus ten.

there is much danger from deep hole in back of cave. reckon can fill hole with big rocks. effect of this learn thinks is that the caveman called kevan may change rule two point two at any time within one hour of this learn grunt being posted.


Kevan: City he/him

23-02-2011 19:03:48 UTC

me find big hole at back of cave. may just be shadows.

[points to scratches on wall that say “Each Research Project must detail a scientific advance for the race, which may optionally have a gamestate effect.”]

me afraid that this writing mean that a learn grunt can have a gamestate effect. bad caveman could make learn grunt with effect which say… me become chief now.

me use rocks from hole to block hole before any bad caveman see it. if tribe think this not legal then tribe should raise call for judgment.


23-02-2011 19:55:18 UTC

against Hole is not so big. Cavemen vote on learn grunt. I say Blacky is Chief now. I get club on head. Kevan is good caveman. Yet, Kevan can say he Chief now.

[i think that it is not an issue as learn grunts are subject to voting like normal proposals. So if i would become chief in that way me would get voted down. i trust you that you would change Rule two point two in a good way. yet, you could just change it so that you win.


23-02-2011 21:01:28 UTC

me would have thought the .which. of that part of rule would mean gamestate effect applied only to science advance, which had no effect until voted.

i would call for judgement but if i won would apply your change so do not see point.

Kevan could have said he was chief now. Kevan is a good caveman.

Kevan: City he/him

23-02-2011 21:38:51 UTC

fact that each grunt happens to be voted on does not mean that its effect must wait until voting has happened. me think it can be read that the fact that a project described in a grunt “detail[s] a scientific advance for the race” may in itself “optionally have a gamestate effect”. the detail can “have” the effect and the detail is right there in the learn grunt.

(this was how rule two point two was changed to fix hole. me also say that new grunts are pending.)


23-02-2011 21:57:55 UTC

for me think filling hole is good smart

Josh: he/they

23-02-2011 22:10:30 UTC

for filling hole good smart. kevan deserve extra think for good smart act.


24-02-2011 00:10:02 UTC



24-02-2011 01:55:05 UTC

for per josh. kevan deserve extra think


24-02-2011 02:29:39 UTC


Darknight: he/him

24-02-2011 02:54:02 UTC



24-02-2011 08:41:34 UTC



24-02-2011 09:21:50 UTC

for c o v.  go fix that hole smart kevan.  and give kevan extra think.  can chief do this unilll… later… all by his self or do caveman need to propose this?


24-02-2011 09:44:02 UTC

for cov had only read fixed rule. there was no rule Kevan real smart


24-02-2011 21:58:31 UTC



25-02-2011 16:11:28 UTC


Josh: he/they

26-02-2011 09:17:06 UTC

This is also “enacted”.