Friday, October 07, 2005

Proposal: Lebensraum

Failed 1-3 (timed out). Failed by smith.

Adminned at 10 Oct 2005 06:45:04 UTC

Rewrite Territories, so it reads:

Each Territory shall be adjacent to at least one other territory. That shall be listed in the World page.

At any time, if a Territory is adjacent to no other territory, it shall become adjacent to the Hegemonist’s Homeland.

At any time, if a Territory has less than a minimum of N adjacencies, a DICEX shall be rolled for that Territory, where X is equal to the number of existing territories. Make the territory being rolled for Adjacent to the territory whose number corresponds to the DICE roll (and vice versa). If a DICE roll corresponds to a territory that is already Adjacent to the territory being rolled for, or the DICE roll corresponds to the territory being rolled for, roll again.

The minimum of N adjacencies for a non-Oceanic Territory is 3 and for an Oceanic one is 5.

Whenever a new Country joins the game, there shall be created a “((Country)) Homeland”, named after the new Country, who will control the newly created Territory.

Whenever a Country’s Proposal passes, that country may roll a DICEY, where Y is the margin of votes at which the Proposal Passed (FOR - AGAINST votes). Upon rolling a number greater than Y/2, e may create a Territory which must be adjacent to eir Homeland. E does not automatically control that Territory.

At any time, if no non-Oceanic Territory adjacent to Chronos Phaenon Homeland is Uncontrolled, the Hegemonist must create a Territory, adjacent to eir Homeland.

If there are an even number of Territories in the World, then when a new Territory is added, it must be of type Oceanic. When determining the adjacencies of an Oceanic Territories.



10-07-2005 18:44:42 UTC

against I see three main changes, none of which i like, particularly #3:
1. Marco Polo effect can happen with any proposal that passes by more than 2 votes, roughly 30-50% of the time
2. Territories are guaranteed to have 3 or 5 adjacencies. Even after use of Portable Mountain.
3. There is always an uncontrolled territory next to C-P homeland, and potentially lots of non-uncontrolled ones.
(Also the last line is meaningless.)


10-07-2005 19:10:37 UTC

#1. I mean 50-66% of the time. (Say Y is 3, then you get new land on a DICE result of 2 or 3.)


10-07-2005 19:49:19 UTC

yeah.  and passing by 2 and passing by 4 are equiv for poloing, but 3 is better. huh?



10-08-2005 17:53:58 UTC