Thursday, March 29, 2012

Proposal: Less of a Cause

Times out and fails 5-6 ~ southpointingchariot

Adminned at 31 Mar 2012 10:37:48 UTC

If the Rebels exist as an Institution, rename that Institution to “The Rebel Camp” and reword its effect to:-

When specifying Directions to the Net, a Player may nominate a type of Resource to be Captured. When a player influences the Rebel Camp, they gain 1 of the type of Resource that they specified to be Captured during that Cycle. A Player may not Direct Resources to the Rebel Camp if they Directed Resources to it during the previous Cycle.

An idle tweak for theme (it seems a bit much for a bunch of “rebels” to be equalling the output of the Council and the Legion combined), and renaming it to something that can be “Powered”.


Josh: HE/HIM

03-29-2012 16:16:38 UTC

for Nice.


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03-29-2012 18:59:37 UTC

against This changes the institution substantially. Now they cannot direct at the Rebel camp twice - in my version, they could not direct resources at any of the institutions they previously Directed at. This was certainly not my intention, and I see it as a less interesting Institution. I wouldn’t mind this as its own idea, but I don’t really like it as a replacement.


03-29-2012 19:14:44 UTC

against Per spc

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-29-2012 19:18:52 UTC

Yes, this mechanic was slightly simplified for the sake of flavour. I think simplicity can also be interesting.


03-29-2012 19:26:16 UTC

My objection is not to the simplicity - it changes the concept. Before it was a balance between earning credit income via low bids on many institutions and getting a big payoff from a single institution. This also brings in the decision, when targeting this with a high bid, whether to influence many institutions at the same time to earn credit, which places your potential income if you win at risk. This makes it “win the resource you like, but only every other cycle.” I don’t mean to make it sound like the idea is bad - I like the institution. But it neuters the dynamic I was aiming for and completely changes the mechanic.


03-29-2012 21:39:30 UTC

CoV to against per spc. I had read that as “cannot direct resources if INFLUENCED the rebel camp last cycle”.


03-30-2012 04:23:26 UTC


Soviet Brendon:

03-30-2012 06:33:41 UTC


Josh: HE/HIM

03-30-2012 07:16:08 UTC

I’m not convinced that this “different” is “worse”. As per my comments in the other thread, this has the massive virtue of being a more balanced influence to the game’s ecosystem/

Clucky: HE/HIM

03-30-2012 16:17:20 UTC



03-31-2012 14:16:03 UTC

for Though this is very different from the initial Rebels, and would probably have more success as a new Institution.


03-31-2012 16:35:37 UTC