Monday, August 01, 2005

Let the games begin

Seconded by Cayvie, passes unanimously by oral vote. 
Game begins ca. 4AMish, GMT
Removed from “Proposal” category for posterity
—75th Trombone

Adminned at 03 Aug 2005 01:17:50 UTC

WHEREAS we all enjoy a good game of Nomic
AND WHEREAS We’d like to play
AND WHEREAS 75th Trombone has set up a nice shiny system to play it on
AND WHEREAS We’re not really sure if it works yet
AND THEREFORE We should try it out before we move the full BlogNomic here
BE IT RESOLVED That a trial game of Nomic shall commence at on Wednesday, August the 3rd, 2005
AND that the initial ruleset shall be that of the core ruleset of BlogNomic
AND that anyone who feels like it can join
AND that the initial theme shall be ‘If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway’

MOVED BY Excalabur
May I have a second?



08-01-2005 06:41:38 UTC

Bug #1: the timestamp on the posts are GMT, but the subtractor to say how old the posts are at is on GMT +1 (BST)

75th Trombone:

08-01-2005 08:18:12 UTC

Hmm?  Are you having it report the wrong time on the (x minutes old) in the sidebar?  If so, there are many hairs to be pulled out by both smith and myself, as that particular glitch has brought us no end of pain, and we thought we’d finally squashed it.

And if it is wrong, does changing your personal Daylight-Saving Time option have any effect on the problem?

Also, we must not omit smith/orson/nosro from your third clause, as he has helped with some of the dirtiest stuff—that time glitch included.  :)


75th Trombone:

08-01-2005 08:21:31 UTC

Incidentally, one idea I thought we might investigate would be to switch BlogNomic to Swatch Internet Time.  A system that’s totally abstracted from time zones and DST and GMT offsets and common sense would actually be a plus for what we’re doing, I think.


08-01-2005 08:45:47 UTC

The sidebar said ‘65 minutes old’ when the post was created.  I was on auto-daylight-savings, and turning that off didn’t change anything.  The timestamp on the proposal looks right, though. 

I’d be wholeheartedly against going to swatch time: GMT is bad enough, but I can at least convert in my head (four hours in summer, five hours in winter) to and fro.

Where’s the code for the timestamp? I’ll have a look, maybe fresh eyes will help….

On another note, voting for this doesn’t work until it’s seconded, as we have to work under Robert’s Rules until we get a ruleset… or at least, that makes sense in my head :)


08-01-2005 09:19:00 UTC

I’ll Second it.

75th Trombone:

08-01-2005 09:30:37 UTC

Oy vey.  Well, all the logic for the Pending Proposals list is in the “pendinglist” template.  You’ll need to investigate the EE user guide for any of it to make sense, though. 

In that template EE tags are parsed BEFORE PHP.

Also, you’ll notice what appears to be a spurious subtraction of 28800 seconds.  This, as far as I can tell, is something to do with server settings I can’t get at. 

This stuff makes MY BRAIN HURT so if you can figure it out and make it sane, you’re my hero—- and likely Norsorson’s too—- forever.

75th Trombone:

08-01-2005 09:40:34 UTC

For what it’s worth, both the offset and timestamp display correctly for me, whether I’m logged in or not. 

My offset in the EE prefs is UTC -6:00, and the Daylight Saving Time option is checked.


08-01-2005 10:24:52 UTC

Well I’m up for it.



08-01-2005 16:23:40 UTC

Me too. But we should change crewmembers to players.



08-02-2005 11:38:14 UTC

Let’s begin!