Monday, November 07, 2016

Story Post: Let the twelfth moon arc of the fourth day be restored

The Second Dynasty of coppro began with a rant by ais523, then CallForJudgement, which led to a reform of the timing rules for daily actions to reduce timing scams and grinding.

The Rules say that I must describe “a significant or trivial game action”. As far as I am aware the Rules do not define, either now or at the time in question, whether a rant qualifies as a game action. In either case I have also referenced a proposal.

Also, ignore the GNDT comment… I wrote the wrong Hour by one.



11-08-2016 04:17:24 UTC

I’m actually still CallForJudgement internally in the blog software (and use that name when logging in, and similar actions). I was forced to change my display name by proposal.

Kevan: HE/HIM

11-08-2016 09:43:59 UTC

And that name change was actually in 2009, two years before this. I don’t think this changes the legality of the Restoration, though - it’s still a description, it’s just a slightly incorrect one.


11-08-2016 23:21:25 UTC

In that case the wiki description is incorrect since it is still the old name: