Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Proposal: Let’s be friends

Self Killed -Larrytheturtle

Adminned at 30 May 2013 19:53:46 UTC

Enact a new rule entitled “Trade”:

Any Noble may Trade resources with another Noble if they are in agreement on the terms of the Trade. Tradeable resources are Wealth, Knights, Unoccupied Parcels, and Artisans.

I’d like to bribe Kikar to stop attacking me.


Clucky: he/him

29-05-2013 06:47:56 UTC


a) creates kingmaker scenarios

b) ruins the point of trading knights with your ally as an act of war

c) but mostly a)


30-05-2013 02:17:27 UTC



30-05-2013 15:40:03 UTC

I just want to say this so that anyone who has/will vote differential knows, I have no intention of voting on this what so ever. I say this so you can change or not cast the differential vote if you want too.

To explain this if you care, it falls to the fact that I believe in the neutrality of the Emperor(Arbiter). I don’t believe I can make a neutral decision on this as it stands. I want to vote for because I like the idea and had discussed such an idea before. The problem comes at the reason I never proposed such an idea before, and the thing Clucky pointed, it is a really easy way to have a kingmaker senario. This makes me want to vote against it and were these the only factors I would probably be able to make a decision, though I know not what it would be. The third thing at play is that one person is a friend of mine outside blognomic and the passing of this would be greatly to his benefit. This is causing me the problem that I want to vote for but I don’t know if this is just out of a desire to aid him or if I would do so regardless of who, if anyone,was helped by it. So I feel the best thing to do is just not to vote, but I wanted to let people know so we didn’t end up with a bunch of differentials on this, expecting me to vote.


30-05-2013 19:37:31 UTC

against  COV


30-05-2013 23:15:46 UTC

against SK
What exactly is the problem with a kingmaker? It seems to be in the spirit of a Nomic.