Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lets Break the Game

Switching and Running
“Na Vegetable” is cooler.
Than “No vegetable” 

(“If no Vegetable has done so within the previous 10 hours” is now “If na Vegetable has done so within the previous 10 hours”). I am no Admin, but if an Admin agrees that becasue “If the Switch and Run causes the word or sentence it appears in to be mistakable for a typographical error, it may be corrected like any other such error by any Admin, as per Rule 1.”, and “na” is clearly a typo of “an” then we can break the game by having infinite harvest!)
I wanted to use both to change the rule right out… but the rules say I cant <_

<. *hopes that was a legal use of switch and run*


Elias IX:

29-10-2006 21:55:00 UTC

Oh, a typo??? I better go fix that.

Elias IX:

29-10-2006 22:04:18 UTC

Oh, you should first register with the Blognomic wiki, then change it to what you’ve described. Then, I can notice the blatant typo and fix it accordingly.

Clucky: he/him

29-10-2006 22:10:07 UTC

Ah ok. Done


29-10-2006 23:19:07 UTC

Illegal due to hiatus.


30-10-2006 13:52:57 UTC

The phrase “an Vegetable” sounds incoherent to me, but whatever.