Monday, October 23, 2006

Lets Gamble!

Add the following subrule to 2.5 Beards called “Gambling”

Often, a vegetable may EITHER reduce its Beard Length by 15 and target another vegetable by making a comment to the GNDT of “GAMBLE XXXX DICEY” Where XXXX is the name of a another vegetable and Y is the total number of “Special Enhancements” in the rules plus four OR reduce its Beard Length by 10 choose to target itself by making a comment to the GNDT of “GAMBLE SELF DICEY” where Y is the same value as before.

If the result is Y, the targeted vegetable’s beard length is increased by 100.
If the result is Y-1, the targeted vegetable’s Healthfulness and Tastiness are decreased by 3 each.
If the result is Y-2 or Y-3, nothing happens.
If the result is anything else, the Nth enhancement (as ordered by the rules) where N is the dice roll is applied on the vegetable. If the vegetable already has that enhancement, the enhancement is then removed.



23-10-2006 20:42:44 UTC

This post (as you have realized) is not a proposal, but the proposal post doesn’t create a rule.

Otherwise, my only suggestion is that the gambling vegetable be required to actually have the 15 or 10 beard length.

Clucky: he/him

24-10-2006 01:50:31 UTC

Did I really do that? Sigh. I thought I had checked for that. *nukes the other one. And then doesn’t propose it again out of apathy*