Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ascension Address: Let’s have some Tea

Honourable Members of the Nomic,

We, the Government of Blognomic, have entered a Shutdown.  Democracy has been suspended!  Until this government can come together in agreement, we cannot proceed with the regular operations of Blognomic.  Only if you work together can we end this shutdown. 

Repeal all dynastic rules.  Replace “Apprentice” with “MN” (that is, Member of the Nomic) and “Wizard” with “Speaker”.

Enact the rule, “Shutdown”, with the following text: “The Government of Blognomic is shut down.”


quirck: he/him

19-10-2013 14:57:50 UTC

I’m afraid Ascension Address doesn’t have the power to enact rules, just to keep old rules or repeal them.


19-10-2013 15:03:25 UTC

Oh.  Well then.