Thursday, May 22, 2008

Proposal: Let’s make our way off this silly planet (Spacecraft)

Passed 8-0—Rodlen

Mothership launched

Adminned at 24 May 2008 09:04:53 UTC

Create a new Dynastic rule “Spacecraft” with the following text:

‘Spacecraft’ exist. There exists a wiki page called ‘Spacecraft Register’ in which the details of all existing Spacecraft are kept. Each Spacecraft has all of it’s properties (except for it’s name) listed under a sub-heading which is named the same as the Spacecraft, on the ‘Spacecraft Register’ wiki page.

The properties of the Spacecraft shall include:
Name: A name unique amongst Spacecraft that cannot exceed 30 characters.
Size: A positive integer.
Crew Capacity: A positive integer that cannot exceed the ‘Size’ property of the Spacecraft.

The properties of the Spacecraft may include:
Full Title: An alternative name that can be used instead of the name above, within flavor text, which has no character limit. This should be used in favour of the ‘Name’ property if a ship should have a long, cumbersome title for story post purposes.
Design Description: A block of flavor text describing the aesthetics of the Spacecraft.

A Spacecraft may only be created or modified through a successful proposal or as described by a rule.

Set the ‘Spacecraft Roster’ page to a blank wiki page.
If more than half of all comments containing counted FOR votes also contain the text “launch the mothership”, create a Spacecraft with the following properties:

Name: DDA Mothership
Size: 250
Crew Capacity: 100
Full Title: ‘Orbitus XVI’ Dimensional Defence Agency Interplanetary HQ
Design Description: A incomparably large craft resembling a brick in design. In looking at it, it is apparent no attempt has been made to make the ship look aesthetically pleasing, functionality apparently being far preferred.



22-05-2008 16:50:12 UTC

for Launch the mothership.

I’m assuming the mothership is for protecting against planar beings with spacecraft.


22-05-2008 16:56:10 UTC

Could be. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. What could come next in extending this rule is faction-connected craft, and maybe ship ‘Tech’ like how players have it, which could be controlled by faction members. Can’t quite do sci-fi of this futuristic style with people just running around…


22-05-2008 16:56:30 UTC

for launch the mothership

The only concern I have is that you are creating a blank “Spacecraft Roster” wiki page, but the rule designates the “Spacecraft Register” wiki page as a gamestate document.


22-05-2008 16:58:01 UTC

That is to prevent Purplebeard’s antics.


22-05-2008 16:58:32 UTC

Ah, I knew I’d missed something. Will I have to make another proposal to correct this, and if so which direction should the correction be… moving the page, or changing everything to use Roster?


22-05-2008 17:03:37 UTC

Just say clear the “Spacecraft Register” wiki page and re-add the spacecraft (if the spacecraft passes, of course).


22-05-2008 17:05:36 UTC

Well, because the Spacecraft Roster is not gamestate, I can turn it into a redirect.  The register will be created when the first ship is created.


22-05-2008 17:06:19 UTC

The spacecraft is made in the register.

Darknight: he/him

22-05-2008 17:38:51 UTC

for launch the mothership.

arthexis: he/him

22-05-2008 19:35:56 UTC

for launch the mothership

Makes sense to keep this separate from tech, since a spacecraft is such a large object to haul around


22-05-2008 21:06:19 UTC

Yeah, I think that spacecraft need to be able to do more - especially in the sense of having a physical presence - than Tech rules allow - though Tech affecting ships and vice-versa offers lots of opportunities nonetheless, I think that Techs will really make this dynasty quite intelligent if evolved correctly.

Amnistar: he/him

23-05-2008 03:18:24 UTC

for launch the mothership


24-05-2008 03:26:14 UTC

for launch the mothership


24-05-2008 14:55:22 UTC

for launch the mothership