Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Let’s play nomic

Replace all instances of Survivor in the ruleset with Player, and all instances of Leader with Emperor.

Create a new dynastic rule, “Core Rule Protection”:

For the purpose of counting votes on proposals to change the core rules, a vote FOR a proposal that would change a core rule only counts as two-thirds of a vote FOR.

This is a theme suggestion that I think suits a Metadynasty well: actually playing nomic. The core rules rarely change, and certain players love to mess with them or exploit loopholes; that’s likely appropriate only in a dynasty, or metadynasty, with an appropriate theme. In such cases, the core rules need a bit of extra protection to help prevent damage to them as people start scamming.



10-07-2009 19:22:05 UTC

Not a proposal.


10-07-2009 19:22:31 UTC

But for


10-07-2009 19:25:38 UTC

Ugh, I keep doing that. I won’t repropose until after the theme discussion’s moved on a bit. (Maybe I’ll propose a rule so that posts can be made into proposals after the fact, but that’s when the voting period starts. Maybe not, though, that could end up abusable.)


10-07-2009 19:31:33 UTC

It could be a dynastic rule.