Thursday, January 15, 2009

Proposal: Let’s Settle This Democratically

Quorumed with optional text too—arth

Adminned at 16 Jan 2009 12:30:08 UTC

If the proposal “The Theme, Unabridged” fails, this proposal does nothing.

Create a new rule “Hints” with the following text:

There exist special proposals called Hints.  The Writer may create a Hint by adding the text “[Hint]” at the begining of the title of the proposal. Gamestate changes and Ruleset changes made by a Hint shall be considered to be related to the Theme.

There exists a wiki page called “Theme Hints” that keeps a record of all Hints that have been made.  When a Hint is enacted, its contents shall be added to the Theme Hints wiki page under a heading for the date and time of the post.

Delete all text in the “Theme Hints” wiki page.

If more than half of all comments containing counted FOR votes also contain the text “I like this way better”, do the following:

Replace the text of the rule “Theme” with the following:

There exists a Dynastic Theme (also known as The Theme) which is a part of the Gamestate, but which may only be changed through Proposal or CfJ. The Theme is described by a single sentence which is only known to The Writer, and whose MD5 hash is “997e169d477054d6f23621e83e46e127”.

Replace the text of the rule “Guessing” with the following:

Each Staff member has a non-negative integer number of “Guesses” which are tracked by the GNDT. New Citizens start with 3 Guesses. As a daily action, a Staff member may “Take a Guess” by spending 1 Guess and making a Story Post whose subject starts with “[Guessing]”. The post shall contain in it’s body a text that will be compared to the Theme by the Writer.

If the text to compare has roughly the same words as the Theme, disregarding punctuation, capitalization and exact order of the words, the Writer shall comment that the Guess was correct and the Staff member who took the Guess achieves victory. If one of the words used in the Guess is a synonym of a word in the Theme, the two words shall be considered effectively the same.

In any other case, The Writer shall comment that the Guess is wrong and should include some reasons as to why it was wrong on the same comment.



01-15-2009 18:20:14 UTC

Explicit author for . I like this way better.


01-15-2009 18:21:58 UTC



01-15-2009 18:24:31 UTC

for I don’t want the theme to be changed by proposals though. It kind of defeats the point.


01-15-2009 19:04:23 UTC

for I like this way better.

It is important to allow the theme to be changed, in the event that there is an error.


01-15-2009 19:16:28 UTC



01-15-2009 19:25:00 UTC

Amni: exactly.

arth: You can’t vote def, you’re the writer.


01-15-2009 19:54:30 UTC

it’s a denoted abstain in that case.


01-15-2009 20:23:23 UTC



01-15-2009 20:43:57 UTC

“The Writer cannot cast a vote of DEFERENTIAL.”


Oh, and since another one passed, I think Arth should veto this.


01-15-2009 20:55:00 UTC



01-15-2009 21:02:57 UTC

DC, do you enjoy making everyone’s lives miserable?  This was meant as an extension of the proposal in question.


01-15-2009 21:11:02 UTC was? Oh.


01-15-2009 21:20:15 UTC

And how does suggesting a veto make everyone’s lives miserable?


01-15-2009 21:21:21 UTC

By the way:

CoV for  I like this way better.


01-15-2009 21:44:37 UTC



01-15-2009 23:45:43 UTC


Wooden Squid:

01-16-2009 02:15:47 UTC

for I like this way better.


01-16-2009 09:36:11 UTC

CoV for I like this way better.

The Cube:

01-16-2009 19:07:17 UTC

for I like this way better.  And this should make Quorum, right?