Monday, April 26, 2010

Ascension Address: Let’s settle this the good old-fashioned nomic way

It seems to me that what’s happening at the moment is a big discussion over who should take the next dynasty, what the theme should be, etc. BlogNomic has a perfectly good way to settle who the leader of a dynasty should be; it’s known as a dynasty. Also, apparently quite a few fix proposals are wanted or necessary, and it would be nice to be able to actually post them; BlogNomic doesn’t work too well in Hiatus.

Thus, this is an official Ascension Address. Change “Colonist” to “Voter” and “Expedition Leader” to “Returning Officer”. Time for you all to campaign as to why your dynasty idea is the best, and why you should get the next one!

Repeal all dynastic rules (even Royal Blood). (They can be added back by proposal if the consensus is to return to the gamestate of the last dynasty.)

Although the path that this dynasty is supposed to take is pretty obvious, hey, it’s a nomic, and feel free to screw with it with dynastic proposals if you want to; I doubt I’ll veto anything unless it’s devastatingly harmful to the nomic. (No, not even daily actions, or even attempts to make me an admin, although you can expect votes against the second.) Turns out “Voter” isn’t actually used in the ruleset at present, so we shouldn’t have keyword problems.


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