Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Call for Judgment: Let’s settle this with Bloggsball

Reached quorum 4-2 enacted by card.

Adminned at 19 May 2017 16:17:12 UTC

Reset the state of all Bloggers to the state of 00:35, 16 May 2017.

This is the state where Cuddlebeam’s team had incredible levels, but no stats had been changed.

Amend the “Endgames” Rule to read:

At 00:00 May 17, 2017, the Final Bowl starts.
The Final Bowl is a grand event. No Manager can change the state of any Blogger during the Final Bowl.
Each Non-Commissioner Manager who is not the Manager named Cuddlebeam during the event plays 13-round Matches (these are known as Final Bowl Matches, or Matches of the Final Bowl)against each other Manager who…

Is capable of playing such a Match (e.g. Managers with non-Full Teams cannot play Final Bowl Matches).
Isn’t a Manager they have already played a Final Bowl Match with.
Is not the Commissioner
Is not the Manager named Cuddlebeam

until no more Final Bowl matches can be currently played. When that happens, the Final Bowl is automatically considered Ready. (The Final Bowl can be considered Ready or not Ready and defaults to not Ready)
During this event, only matches of the Final Bowl kind can be played, and restrictions on the amount of Matches a Manager can play do not apply.

The amount of Points earned during those Matches will add to the Manager’s Final Point’s pool, which starts at zero.
The amount of Final Points of the Manager named Cuddlebeam is 52.
Merit is equal to the amount of Final Points a Manager has divided by their Starting Cash. This value can be decimal.
When the Final Bowl is Ready, the Final Bowl can end with a Closing Ceremony. The Commissioner has the ability to perform a Closing Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony is a blog post with a summary of all Final Bowl Matches and a tally of all Final Points and Merit.
The Manager who has achieved the most Merit after a Closing Ceremony has achieved Victory during the current Dynasty. However, in case of a tie, nobody achieves victory instead, and another Final Bowl which only involves the tied Managers should be played, until a victor arises.

The Commissioner shall oversee all Final Bowl Matches.
The Commissioner may change “The Commissioner” in the previous sentence to “The Manager named ” followed by the name of an Unidle Manager.



05-17-2017 16:47:18 UTC

for Finally an end to the madness


05-17-2017 16:48:38 UTC

Rulefix + making history patent is cool with me.

Explicitly segregating me out isn’t.


05-17-2017 16:53:50 UTC

It isn’t, you’ve “won” each match without having to play them. 13*4 = 52 which is the amount of Final Points you have.


05-17-2017 16:54:50 UTC

Also : “The Commissioner shall oversee all Final Bowl Matches.”

I won that auction fair and square.


05-17-2017 17:02:46 UTC

“No Manager can change the state of any Blogger during the Final Bowl.” Does that mean nobody will level up from say using a Bat as their tool?


05-17-2017 17:06:27 UTC

Or the Stick+no roids combo?


05-17-2017 17:09:57 UTC



05-17-2017 17:11:28 UTC

Maybe it’s the tool (or more accurately the rule) that changed the state of the blogger and then a manager is just updating that blogger.


05-17-2017 17:12:13 UTC

I removed that in my CfJ.


05-17-2017 17:24:28 UTC

I think with the tools, the levels change automatically, no manager changes them.


05-17-2017 17:33:04 UTC

This is ofc non-binding for me to say it now, but if this passes and Cuddlebeam votes FOR, I’ll reinstate Cuddlebeam as overseer.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

05-17-2017 19:25:01 UTC



05-18-2017 00:12:05 UTC

Normally I wouldn’t for a CfJ that does this much, but I’m ready to end this.


05-19-2017 00:18:08 UTC