Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Call for Judgment: Let’s settle this with Bloggsball version 2

Failed reached quorum 1-4. Failed by card.

Adminned at 18 May 2017 20:21:11 UTC

Reset the state of all Bloggers to the state of 00:35, 16 May 2017.

Amend the “Endgames” Rule to read:

At 00:00 May 17, 2017, the Final Bowl starts.
The Final Bowl is a grand event.
Each Non-Commissioner Manager during the event plays 13-round Matches (these are known as Final Bowl Matches, or Matches of the Final Bowl) against each other Manager who…

*Is capable of playing such a Match (e.g. Managers with non-Full Teams cannot play Final Bowl Matches).
*Isn’t a Manager they have already played a Final Bowl Match with.
*Is not the Commissioner

...until no more Final Bowl matches can be currently played. When that happens, the Final Bowl is automatically considered Ready. (The Final Bowl can be considered Ready or not Ready and defaults to not Ready)
During this event, only matches of the Final Bowl kind can be played, and restrictions on the amount of Matches a Manager can play do not apply. The Commissioner shall auction in a public non-silent auction, the right to oversee all games of the Final Bowl as a collective unit whoever wins the auction may oversee the games themselves or delegate oversight to another manager. For the purposes of this auction, the procedure in Auctions will be followed, but the clause reading, “The bidding manager having already made three bids on this auction.” will not apply.

The amount of Points earned during those Matches will add to the Manager’s Final Point’s pool, which starts at zero.
The amount of Final Points of the Manager named Cuddlebeam is 52.
Cuddlebeam has already played a Match versus the Managers named Sphinx, Card, Publius Scribonius Scholasticus and Matt.
The Overseeing right was Auctioned and the Manager named Cuddlebeam had won it.
Merit is equal to the amount of Final Points a Manager has divided by their Starting Cash. This value can be decimal.
When the Final Bowl is Ready, the Final Bowl can end with a Closing Ceremony. The Commissioner has the ability to perform a Closing Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony is a blog post with a summary of all Final Bowl Matches and a tally of all Final Points and Merit.
The Manager who has achieved the most Merit after a Closing Ceremony has achieved Victory during the current Dynasty. However, in case of a tie, nobody achieves victory instead, and another Final Bowl which only involves the tied Managers should be played, until a victor arises.
The Commissioner may change “The Commissioner” in the previous sentence to “The Manager named ” followed by the name of an Unidle Manager.

Fail the CfJ titled “Let’s settle this with Bloggsball”

This is identical to , except without segregating me out or stripping me of things I’ve rightfully earned, such as the Overseeing.

If you are going to segregate me out, do it at the beginning of the dynasty, thank you.

Also removed “No Manager can change the state of any Blogger during the Final Bowl.” so that Roids, Bats and tactical item-switching can be a thing, which I believe to be part of the original Final Bowl, which have been arbitrarily removed in that other CfJ (which would benefit someone with a strong but inflexible team and/or with little cash to dump on Roids in comparison to everyone else, both of the which Sphinx themselves qualify for, hence my suspicion.).



05-17-2017 17:19:07 UTC

The overseeing right doesn’t do anything in this version, does it?


05-17-2017 17:21:05 UTC

Aside from overseeing and getting to choose when the matches (which I believe I have earned legitimately), nothing else.


05-17-2017 17:21:36 UTC

when the matches are*


05-17-2017 17:24:38 UTC

(for example, doing matches in a certain order to influence Power via what Level people have, because Bats are a thing, is an advantage I have rightfully earned and I don’t see why I should be stripped of it all of a sudden.)


05-17-2017 17:24:39 UTC

But can you calculate them correctly? In first scam you tried for the Final Bowl with the matches vs you, the only match in which you did the correct power was the one vs PSS.


05-17-2017 17:26:25 UTC

Also, the freezing players is an important part. Also, I thought you had taken out the part where the overseeing rights got their power, but you didn’t.


05-17-2017 17:28:23 UTC

Lol I didn’t calculate the powers during then because the numbers would pale in comparison to 100000000’s.

But I totally can for normal matches.


05-17-2017 17:30:04 UTC

@Sphinx: I don’t get you entirely there but I suspect you might be refering to this?

“The Commissioner shall auction in a public non-silent auction, the right to oversee all games of the Final Bowl as a collective unit whoever wins the auction may oversee the games themselves or delegate oversight to another manager.”


“The Overseeing right was Auctioned and the Manager named Cuddlebeam had won it.”

Making me the overseer?


05-17-2017 17:33:13 UTC

@Cuddlebeam: Yeah, I missed the first part while reading through it the first time.


05-17-2017 17:35:28 UTC

And the freezing the Blogger Roster is just to prevent further shenanigans, since noone except the overseer can actually profit from them anyway.


05-17-2017 17:37:40 UTC

@Sphinx: ” noone except the overseer can actually profit from them anyway.”: And why should I have that right removed?

Would making a CfJ that says “The Manager who has the Player named Bruno can never win points” be ok, because “noone except the owner of Bruno can actually profit from them “?


05-17-2017 17:38:14 UTC

Again, why should we assume you can calculate those number correctly?
Also if this CfJ enacts and you’ve already played a game against all of us, then where is the dice roll for it?


05-17-2017 17:38:52 UTC

*the team power correctly


05-17-2017 17:42:12 UTC

-If I get the wrong numbers you can just CfJ the Match out.

-There is no need for it. Its just redundancy for what has historically happened (and the rulecontent acknowledges this).


05-17-2017 17:43:32 UTC

(because the rulecontent would just be acknowledgement for it)* Otherwise there would be no reason for it to be there.


05-17-2017 18:20:00 UTC

Yeah but then the matches that happen after the invalid match are invalid as well, especially for teams whose power changes which could be covered in the CfJ too I guess.

There is a need because while you set your power to 52 regardless of the results of the match, the games you play against people have a very small chance of giving them more points.

against on the grounds that having the players unfrozen it too great of a risk.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

05-17-2017 19:30:30 UTC

I propose that we agree to enter a metadynasty to work on rules for hypothetical DoVs.


05-17-2017 20:48:04 UTC

What would a metadynasty get us that we can’t do now?


05-17-2017 22:30:40 UTC

I totally agree with that we should be able to (and I have ideas for that), but I don’t think people would take them seriously right now because of the imminent winning and people could go “Oh shit son, some bloke with a scam could use that kind of rule technology to win like insta-right now, but I don’t have a scam. So I’ll redcross it.”, or they want to appear as people who don’t have scams (which helps if you have a scam!), and redcross it anyway.

The period between the start of a dynasty and before a wincon is made I believe is the most fertile moment to make support stuff like this, similar to how “Combos” was made and has been useful.

Oracular rufio:

05-17-2017 23:55:15 UTC

The whole irony of this situation is you could have totally won the dynasty, but you are too incompetent to actually follow the rules.  You had a legit scam, for some reason everyone let you get away with it, and then you fucked everything up and even managed to mess up rolling dice in the GNDT.  You are the possibly the worst (by which I mean, least successful) player of this game ever.


05-18-2017 00:30:28 UTC

Damn. Even I got some blisters from that one.


05-18-2017 00:43:55 UTC

Well, then if I do eventually win, then all the more amazing lol.

Oracular rufio:

05-18-2017 00:46:27 UTC

You won’t, though, unless you win because of the Image exploit in this dynasty.  You’ve shown a persistent inability to actually follow the rules.


05-18-2017 00:54:29 UTC

Ah, of course. I meant some other time in the future.


05-18-2017 05:49:18 UTC

I really think this hostility is uncalled for.


05-18-2017 10:21:55 UTC


Oracular rufio:

05-18-2017 12:46:07 UTC

One person continually ruining the game for everyone else wasn’t really called for either, yet it happened anyway.


05-18-2017 19:04:02 UTC